131 Minecraft Realms Maps Creators do Virtual Meet in New Record

Reddit is loaded up with huge loads of networks for a wide range of games, and Minecraft is the same. The MC subreddit is probably the greatest local area on Reddit, flaunting 6.3 million clients. All players, including content makers, come here to find support, request ideas, or exhibit their construct.

131 Minecraft Realms Maps Creators

Indeed, even authority Mojang engineers utilize the subreddit to become familiar with the local area. Numerous players likewise share their MC world records in the subreddit. A Redditor as of late divided a clasp highlighting a joint effort among the 131 Realms mapmakers.

NEW RECORD -> 131 Minecraft Realms Mapmakers in one place! from Minecraft

Domains are an authority Minecraft server facilitating administration presented by Mojang. While most players know Realms for their servers, it likewise gives different exclusively made maps. This post displayed the yearly meetup of Realms map makers.

Reddit client u/Akittylover shared a clasp on the authority Minecraft subreddit, highlighting them and more than 100 guide makers presenting to take a gathering photograph. Acquiring such countless makers and planning with them is a troublesome errand.

The 20 second-long clasp started with 131 substance makers prepared for the photoshoot. At the front of the seating region, watchers can detect a player wearing the authority Mojang cape. This implies that an authority engineer likewise partook in this joint effort. All mapmakers were arranged in columns in the custom Minecraft world. Every one of the makers was wearing their skins and the authority Realm Map Maker cape. In the wake of displaying their personality skins, they made a fast 180 go to flaunt their capes and demonstrate that they are true guide creators.


The post got practically 6K upvotes and loads of positive remarks. Here is a portion of the striking responses from other Reddit clients:

Redditor u/Amblit contemplated whether the guide producers were attempting to repeat the Club Penguin dance. Their development absolutely seemed as though that, however, their goals were presumably not the Club Penguin dance. Redditor u/CrippyCrispy additionally brought up exactly the same thing.

Redditor u/_panda_vanilla_ felt dejected as very few players know the worth of the Realm Map Maker cape. Players can get this cape by delivering specific various kinds of guides for Realms. A a custom guide putting forth consumes most of the day and attempt, Mojang chooses to praise the makers with a cape.

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