All Archnemesis Modifier Recipes in Path of Exile

The arrival of Path of Exile’s new development, Siege of the Atlas, additionally started off the new Archnemesis Challenge League. This denotes another 13-week pattern of new substance, as well as the event where each player needs to begin another League character without any preparation. As you find all that the update brings to the table, you’ll run over sculptures of frozen beasts in every space. This guide discloses all that you really want to know about the new Archnemesis specialist, including how these sculptures work and their modifiers.

How Archnemesis Modifiers and Statues Work in Path of Exile

On the off chance that you haven’t seen our see of Siege of the Atlas, here’s the significance of the new League. Archnemesis presents exceptional supervisor experiences across most regions of the game. This intends that as you’re going to the following mission or doing maps in the Atlas of Worlds, you’ll detect a few sculptures that hold a frozen beast prisoner. To actuate the experience, you’ll require something like one Archnemesis Modifier.

With every one of the new increases that advanced toward Path of Exile in its Siege of the Atlas extension, it would nearly be not difficult to fail to remember that update 3.17 likewise brought the beginning of the new Archnemesis challenge association. The fundamental specialist engaged with Archnemesis – opening modifiers into froze beasts and receiving the benefits – is sufficiently straightforward. Be that as it may, a few out of every odd modifier will drop all alone, and only one out of every odd mix creates a clear outcome. The majority of the modifiers are the aftereffect of exceptional plans, and the modifiers made this way will more often than not have the most impressive impacts. Notwithstanding, there is no formula list in the actual game, just an unclear clue framework that features potential mixes.

The following is a finished rundown of Archnemesis modifier plans. The prizes for every modifier are recorded in brackets. At the point when “Rolls” are recorded as an award, this implies that the prizes are moved the demonstrated number of times, with the most uncommon outcomes being utilized. Fixings can be utilized in any request.


  • Abberath-touched (2x Trinkets, Map, 5x Rolls): Flame Strider, Frenzied, Rejuvenating
  • Arakaali-touched (Divination Card, All rewards are Divination Cards): Corpse Detonator, Entangler, Assassin
  • Assassin (2x Currency): Deadeye, Vampiric
  • Brine King-touched (3x Armor, 7x Rolls): Ice Prison, Storm Strider, Heralding Minions
  • Corpse Detonator (2x Divination Cards): Necromancer, Incendiary
  • Corrupter (2x Abyss, Dropped items are corrupted): Bloodletter, Chaosweaver
  • Crystal-skinned (2x Harbinger): Permafrost, Rejuvenating, Berserker
  • Drought Bringer (2x Labyrinth): Malediction, Deadey
  • Effigy (2x Divination Cards, 2x Rolls): Hexer, Malediction, Corrupter
  • Empowering Minions (Blight Ritual): Necromancer, Executioner, Gargantuan
  • Empowered Elements (2x Uniques, 2x Rolls): Evocationist, Steel-infused, Chaosweaver
  • Entangler (2x Fossils): Toxic, Bloodletter
  • Evocationist (Generic, Weapon, Armor, Trinket): Flameweaver, Frostweaver, Stormweaver
  • Executioner (Legion Breach): Frenzied, Berserker
  • Flame Strider (3x Weapons): Flameweaver Hasted
  • Frost Strider (3x Armor): Frostweaver, Hasted
  • Heralding Minions (2x Fragments): Dynamo, Arcane Buffer
  • Hexer (2x Essences): Chaosweaver, Echoist
  • Ice Prison (2x Armor, 2x Rolls): Permafrost, Sentinel
  • Innocence-touched (3x Currency, All other rewards are currency): Lunaris-touched, Solaris-touched, Mirror Image, Mana Siphoner
  • Invulnerable (Delirium, Metamorphosis): Sentinel, Juggernaut, Consecrator
  • Kitava-touched (Generic, 2x Rewards): Tukohama-touched, Abberath-touched, Corrupter, Corpse Detonator
  • Lunaris-touched (Unique, 2x All rewards): Invulnerable, Frost Strider, Empowering Minions
  • Magma Barrier (2x Weapons, 2x Rolls): Incendiary, Bonebreaker
  • Mana Siphoner (2x Trinkets, 2x Rolls): Consecrator, Dynamo
  • Mirror Image (Scarabs, 3x Rolls): Echoist, Soul Conduit
  • Necromancer (Generic, 3x Rolls): Bombardier, Overcharged
  • Rejuvenating (Currency, 2x Rolls): Gargantuan, Vampiric
  • Shakari-touched (Unique, All other rewards are uniques): Entangler, Soul Eater, Drought Bringer
  • Solaris-touched (Scarabs, 2x All rewards): Invulnerable, Magma Barrier, Empowering Minions
  • Soul Eater (2x Maps): Soul Conduit, Necromancer, Gargantuan
  • Storm Strider (3x Trinkets): Stormweaver, Hasted
  • Temporal Bubble (Heist, Expedition): Juggernaut, Hexer, Arcane Buffer
  • Treant Horde (Generic, Minions drop random rewards): Toxic, Sentinel, Steel-infused
  • Trickster (Currency, Uniques, Divination Cards): Overcharged, Assassin, Echoist
  • Tukohama-touched (2x Weapons, Fragments, 5x Rolls): Bonebreaker, Executioner, Magma Barrier

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