All Bird Types and Abilities in Angry Birds Journey

Join an all-new Angry Birds Journey game brimming with fun riddles and brilliant obliteration! Utilize the slingshot to shoot blocks as you experience incredible universes. Test your abilities and assist the well known herd with observing each of the Egg Wonders before the pigs!

Best Bird Types and Abilities in Angry Birds Journey

When players progress into new parts of Angry Birds Journey, they’ll see that the trouble of the riddle game slopes up at an astonishing rate. Along these lines, rather than just throwing any bird at a foe, it becomes critical to realize how each bird’s capacity treats where it ought to be shot. Altogether, Angry Birds Journey presents six distinct birds to use, each conveying an assorted and valuable ability.


The main bird given to players through the instructional exercise is the expedient Chuck. Not at all like past games in the series, the yellow bird exchanges his three-sided shape for a more adjusted look. In any case, Chuck will forever assault by stopping at the designated area and afterward evenly slicing through a huge number of blocks with his speed. Assuming that the Anger Meter is initiated with Chuck in the sling, the bird is fit for slicing through a whole stage’s design.


The biggest bird of the gathering, Bomb, can be opened once beating level 4. This round, all-dark animal is known for detonating on sway when contacting any design or adversary, a move generally harming against glass and wood materials. When joined with the Anger Meter, Bomb’s blast range is expanded by over two times its unique size.


The little Silver – who sports a similar shading as her name – can be opened after level 9. Not at all like different birds, Silver is best used while arcing her assault from a vertical situation, as her capacity gives a merciless swan jump through various blocks. Nonetheless, the Angry Meter can furnish her with a jump that slices through even the biggest of constructions from start to finish.


The littlest of the pack, Stella, can be utilized whenever you’ve beaten level 17. The pink fowl seemingly has the most fragile capacity, as she just makes a little safeguard around herself to break whatever it contacts. She is at her deadliest when given the Anger Meter’s lift, which loans her an enormous collapsing safeguard that extends to and obliterates a few constructions all at once.


As the most famous bird in the establishment, players will open Red last at level 28. Albeit Red’s capacity uses speed to move throughout an assortment of blocks like Chuck’s, the maroon bird plays out his move on various occasions in a solitary turn and does as such every which way. Even better, the Anger Meter’s power will permit Red to do this move up to multiple times in a turn.

What to spend coins on in Angry Birds Journey

It becomes obvious almost immediately in Angry Birds Journey that coins can be acquired by the majority just by completing a couple of levels. Even better, finishing specific objectives and segments of the game will even gift you chests loaded with coins at no expense at all. Regardless, Journey never clarifies precisely what this cash can be spent on nor where you can go to utilize them. Fortunately, there are a couple of significant things these coins can get for you later on in the game.

Despite the fact that there isn’t a store, the main things you will actually want to buy are extra birds when at your present level, yet you can do this after you’ve effectively spent the set given to you. Whenever you’ve run out, the game will offer you a different measure of birds for 950 coins. However, there will be times when Journey will give you the choice to watch a whole promotion in return with the expectation of complimentary birds.

Whenever you’ve finished level 39 of Chapter 1, the coins can likewise be used to purchase more sponsor impacts. As you’ll be given only three of every promoter impact when they’re initially opened, you can buy one more arrangement of three for 1500 extra coins. This should be possible essentially by tapping on the “+” image over whichever impact you’ve run out of. Notwithstanding, it very well might be smarter to save your coins in this case, as opening Star Chests will likewise concede you a greater amount of each impact.

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