All History Quiz answers in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The History Quiz sidequest asks you to respond to three inquiries with respect to the verifiable occasions key to Dying Light 2 and the bigger DL universe. Two of these are about the occasions of the game as they relate to Villedor, while one relates to the first Dying Light. Assuming you’re thinking about what the responses are, we take care of you.

You’ll observe the History Quiz sidequest in northeastern Garrison, approximately 135 meters south of the Fish Eye. It shouldn’t be mistaken for the History Lesson side mission situated in southwestern Trinity, which is totally unique.

The Dying Light 2 History Quiz right responses and prize are on the whole inside the side mission that you can get from Jax after you’ve satisfied specific prerequisites. More on that underneath. The genuine test is whether your insight into the historical backdrop of Villador and Harran is acceptable. In the event that they aren’t, indeed, then, at that point, this guide is the totally ideal spot for you. We’ll offer you every one of the right responses for the History Quiz, listen for a minute your prize will be, and that’s just the beginning.

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, after you’ve enacted the Juniper Windmill and allowed the Garrison Electrical Station to either the Peacekeeper or the Survivors, the Rooftop School settlement will show up on the north side of the Garrison locale. There you can meet the antiquarian, Jax, who will talk for a long time about the significance of history. He then, at that point, recommends asking you a couple of history inquiries to check whether you’ve been focusing. Except if you’re a genuine master in Dying Light legend, these inquiries will be intense. Along these lines, before you say, “Sure. Why not.” ensure you check the test replies beneath.

Question: What occasion stood out forever as “Dark Monday”?

Reply: The substance bombings of 2025.

Question: I referenced the March Massacre previously. Any hint of what occurred on this day?

Reply: The military killed 64 regular citizens challenging incapacitating them.

Question: Before the change, THV was just known as the Harran Virus. Harran is the place where everything began. Be that as it may, do you recall when the Harran Events occurred?

Reply: Spring 2014.

Dazzle Jax with these right responses and he’ll give you 400 Old World Money and a handout on one of his cherished spots in Villedor, The Catacombs. Observe the pamphlet in the Mementos part of your Collectables tab.

Whenever you have addressed the three inquiries appropriately from the History Quiz, you will be compensated with 400 Old World Coins and The Catacombs Momento as well as certain commendations from Jax in Dying Light 2. In the event that you really do wreck the responses, don’t stress as you can rest as the day progressed, return and retake the test. To get the side-journey in Dying Light 2, you should actuate the Juniper Windmill and dole out the Garrison Electrical Station to your related Faction.

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