All Power Plant Field Research Tasks and Rewards in Pokémon Go!

Power Plant Event, the most recent Pokémon GO occasion, takes its motivation from power plants in the Kanto and Kalos areas, and proceeds with the account of Season of Heritage, with mentors joining Team Instinct Leader Spark to at long last wrapping up opening the puzzling entryway.

It looks set to be a pleasant occasion, with the introduction of Helioptile, a decent blend of sparkly open doors in the wild, in assaults and in research, and a smaller than usual Team GO Rocket takeover in the subsequent week.

Pokemon Go Power Plant start and end time

The Pokemon Go Power Plant occasion will start on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, and will run until Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

This gives players around fourteen days to finish the Research and absorb all the occasion brings to the table.

Pokemon Go Power Plant Field Research

Different new Field Research assignments will be coming in Power Plant that will yield different various prizes and the capacity to get Pokemon like Joltik and Emolga.

Try to finish whatever number as you can all through the occasion to get as many-restricted time compensations as could be allowed!

While investigating Pokémon Go and playing the game, you’ll procure Field Research undertakings that you can finish as you stroll around. You’ll secure these Field Research undertakings by turning PokéStops. Moreover, during the Power Plant occasion for the Season of Heritage, there will be a few select Field Research undertakings you can snatch to acquire explicit awards before the occasion closes. These are all of the Power Plant Field Research errands and awards in Pokémon Go.

The Power Plant will be from January 19 to February 1. When the occasion closes, these elite Field Research undertakings will never again be accessible.

All Power Plant Field Research errands and prizes

These are largely the Power Plant Field Research undertakings and prizes you can acquire during the occasion.

  • Get 5 Electric-type Pokémon – Rewards: Electrike, Joltik, or a Helioptile experience
  • Make 3 curve tosses – Rewards: Magnemite or Voltorb experience
  • Take a preview of a wild – Rewards: 25 Manectric Mega energy
  • Walk 1 km – Rewards: Helioptile experience
  • Walk 2 km – Rewards: Garbodor experience
  • Walk 4 km – Rewards – Emolga experience

The most pursued Field Research assignments incorporate the Catch five Electric-type Pokémon, Walk 1 Km, and Walk 4 km. The initial two both component the introduction Pokémon for the occasion, Helioptile. While it shows up in the wild, getting more Helioptile is never something terrible. The other, the Walk 4 km, will be a major one since it highlights Emolga, a Pokémon showing up on this occasion that is just accessible for this Field Research task.

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