Angry Birds Journey Guide: What does the Anger Meter do?

Angry Birds Journey is the new game in the well known Angry Birds series that locks portable gamers, all things considered. We return to the past in the new Angry Birds game, which Rovio has opened for nothing on Android and iOS stages. In the event that you’re searching for the primary Angry Birds game to offer exemplary slingshot shooting interactivity, you’ll love Angry Birds Journey. The pristine Angry Birds game loaded with riddles and missions is accessible on Google Play, simply tap the Download Angry Birds Journey button above to play before every other person.

One intriguing new component that Angry Birds Journey adds to the establishment’s exemplary ongoing interaction is the Anger Meter which has come to be helpful. As just certain birds might have had the option to get you out of difficult spots in past games, this repairman can loan any of your birds the ideal last blow simply just under the wire – yet you’ll need to work for it first.

In the wake of finishing the first 10 levels in Quite a while Journey, the Anger Meter will be added to the upper left corner of your screen. When playing through a level, you will see this meter will top off when any blocks or pigs are brought down. When the meter is full, it tends to be enacted whenever to give your specific bird’s move additional strength. For example, as Chuck is known for his speed assaults, the Anger Meter will make him even speedier and permit him to move throughout whole constructions with one hit.

However strong as the specialist seems to be, you might be permitted to utilize the Anger Meter’s capacity once in the wake of topping it off. In any case, you can be conceded multipliers that will top the meter off considerably quicker assuming you’re ready to use as not many of the birds as conceivable in each stage. On most events, a 10x multiplier can be procured by basically obliterating a little pinnacle, as completing a whole stage with one bird can allow you up to a 20x multiplier.

Angry Birds Journey is the most recent game in the Angry Birds establishment on portable. It’s easier and looser than different games in the series. In any case, don’t trick you with that – there are still a few interesting and piggy riddles standing by coincidentally.

So I thought it was smart to compose this aide here. We played the game for a couple of hours and found a bunch of methodologies that could help when things got precarious at Angry Birds Journey.

This is an aide for everybody. Regardless of whether you’re arranging your first shot or have effectively exploded a lot of piggeries, here’s something to take your game to a higher level. These are the best tips, tips, and cheats for Angry Birds Journey.

Save your irate meter

To open the irate meter towards the finish of the test, it’s smart to save and utilize it to cause ruin toward the start of the following piece of the level. Use your controlled up birds when they can cause the best and most harm.

Check what you want

Watch out for what you want to do. The bar at the upper left of the screen shows the number of pigs, newly incubated turtles, and different animals that should be gathered to continue on to the following piece of the test.

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