Apple expects less scorching growth

Apple is no longer an exception to the rule. The supply difficulties that have plagued many sectors for months are no longer surmountable. Even the Californian giant, reputed to have put in place, for more than 20 years, the best supply chain in the world.

Delays in the production and delivery of components have slashed Apple’s sales by some 7% in the past three months. The trend will worsen during the last quarter of 2021, explains Tim Cook, the boss of the group. Apple’s turnover from July to September certainly climbs 29%, which is remarkable. However, it only reached $ 83.4 billion, while Wall Street was anticipating nearly $ 85 billion.

And Apple to warn its shareholders: the last quarter of the year, so important because of Christmas gift purchases, will also be affected by these problems. Moreover, Tim Cook does not provide figures on Apple’s sales prospects for the current crucial period. He said, however, that with the exception of iPads, all Apple product categories should see their sales increase. The digital tablet is indeed more affected by the lack of components than other Apple gadgets. The warning caused Apple’s price to drop 3.5% after the Nasdaq closed on Thursday evening.

The Cupertino company (California) is affected on the one hand by the global shortage of electronic components which is already plaguing production in the automobile and household appliances, for example. But the shortage is also the result of the specific impact of Covid-19 on Apple’s Asian suppliers. In addition, as with Amazon in particular, there are difficulties in finding qualified labor.

IPhone sales still jump 47%

However, it is difficult to complain about Apple. Its quarterly profits reach 20.6 billion dollars, against 12.7 billion dollars at the same time last year. The Cupertino company, which is both a leader in technology and consumer products, has garnered $ 74 billion in profits over the past three quarters. This is more than during all of its best year, 2018, when its profits reached 58.5 billion …

It’s important to note that the new iPhone model came out too late last month for its sales to have a significant effect on Q3 performance. Despite this, all models combined, iPhone sales still climbed 47% during the period.

The attractiveness of new 5G compatible iPhones is a major driver of demand. In addition, Apple always favors the fall for the release of new models, in order to maximize its sales at the end of the year. New versions of its digital watches, headphones and Mac computers are also expected to support Apple’s growth in the coming weeks.

Analysts now expect Apple’s sales to increase to $ 120 billion in the last three months of 2021. Sales of services, such as music and Apple TV subscriptions, are less directly affected by supply difficulties. After gaining 26% in the third quarter, they should once again boost Apple’s growth at the onset of winter.

The laptop market has just entered a new quarter and to say the least is that this market is doing well. In fact, according to studies by analysts at Strategy Analytics, sales have increased further.

Laptops aka notebooks or laptops seem to be popular with the general public. Indeed, according to the latest sales figures for this third quarter, the segment continues to see its sales curves on the rise.

Laptops are popular.

The laptop PC market seems to be benefiting from the covid wave and the telecommuting mode. Indeed, while the segment was somewhat stagnant, with the arrival of the Covid, many individuals, but also companies had to reorganize themselves with work at home.

And what better than a laptop to work at home. So yes of course in the world of IT or start-ups, having a laptop (see with a second screen) seems totally natural. However, this was not the case in some companies. Companies that have had to adapt.

It was the same for the students who found themselves having to take distance courses from their room, the table in the parents’ living room … and on this point, parents very quickly took the step of buying a laptop PC. rather than lend theirs.

8% increase over the last quarter.

So consumers bought a laptop. So much so that according to the figures of the various sales channels in the segments of the notebook PC market, sales grew by no less than 8% “year on year”.

Understand by this that it sold 8% more laptops this year compared to the sales volume of last year.

High-end products have gained momentum due to business demand, while consumer spending has also increased thanks to higher discounts on high-end products like the MacBook Air and gaming laptops.

Strategy Analytics confirms to us.

The strongest progress was made by DELL which saw its sales increase by 50% compared to last year. Asus, Apple and Lenovo took 10%, 10%, and 5% respectively. The small loser of the top 5 is HP, which saw its sales fall by 5% compared to the previous year.

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