Apple just unveiled its Christmas return policy

Apple Christmas Returns Extended

Yes, for several years now, Apple has been thinking of us during the holiday season and extending its return deadlines. Thus, for any purchase made online on the Apple Store or directly in an official store between November 1 and December 25, 2021, you will be able to return the product until January 8, 2022. In other words, we are well beyond the usual 14 days for returning your Apple product.

Unfortunately, if you wait until the last moment and purchase your gift after December 25, you will be subject to the standard return policy. Namely the famous 14 days of delay. So it’s better to go about it in advance if you want to gift an Apple branded product and get this back extension.

We take this opportunity to remind you that some Apple products cannot be returned, with some exceptions (defective or non-compliant products). Here they are:

  • Computer software supplied in sealed packaging which has been opened after delivery
  • Electronic software downloads
  • Software update program registrations
  • ITunes Gift Cards, Apple Store Gift Cards and all other Apple Developper products.

For these products, Christmas or standard return policy, they cannot be returned to Apple.

So, from today until Christmas Day inclusive, you will have until January 8, 2022, to return the Apple product, whether you purchased it online from the Apple Store or purchased it in an official Apple store. As usual, if Apple does not wait for proof for the return of the product, the Cupertino company requires a product returned in perfect condition.

Apple has unveiled its financial statement for the fiscal fourth quarter of 2021, which runs from July to the end of September. If the firm recorded very solid revenues and experienced significant increases, it did not meet analysts’ predictions. In particular, the shortage of semiconductors affects many industries around the world.

While the Cupertino company has come out of a record third quarter with, among other things, an increase of 50% of its iPhone sales, it repeats its exploits during this new fiscal year. In total, it generated $ 83.4 billion, an increase of 29% over the same period the previous year. This is the best fourth quarter Apple has ever signed.

Thus, its iPhone sales increased by 47% compared to 2020 to reach 38.7 billion dollars. It is important to note that the iPhone 13, which is experiencing very high demand, was only released two weeks before the end of this quarter, so its results should be more visible during Cupertino’s next financial report. If Mac sales are less impressive with a small increase of 1.6%, here too, sales of the firm’s new MacBook Pros were hardly taken into account in the results.

The iPad has meanwhile worked well with an increase of 21% of the income generated, or 8.25 billion. The accessories and wearables of the apple brand have meanwhile generated 8.79 billion dollars; this is an increase of 12% compared to last year knowing that the third generation of AirPods, which has just been released, is not counted in the balance sheet. The company’s services achieved the best results in its history with an increase of $ 18.28 billion (+ 27%). Apple has more than 745 million paying subscribers worldwide for all of these services, which represents an increase of 160 million year on year, or five times more in five years.

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