Apple mentions a certain homeOS again

What if Apple finds a better name for HomeKit? Almost all of the novelties of tvOS 15 were devoted to home automation and Apple has also presented them in a section dedicated to the home, including other products such as the HomePod, Siri-compatible third-party accessories, security cameras … This is an area that is growing in importance and HomeKit is after all just the name of a framework. Last June, a certain “homeOS” appeared in a job posting from Apple which was quickly corrected. This new name has again been spotted in a job offer relating to Apple Music published in October and put offline since its discovery.

The Apple TV operating system has also been featured on HomePod since last year, and rumors are of a merger of these two products in the future. The name homeOS might be suitable for everyone, but Apple cited it as an addition to, not a replacement for tvOS, so it seems like something a little more specific. If this project has not been abandoned and Apple has an announcement to make, we will have to wait until WWDC 2022 next June to find out.

A few days before WWDC 2021, all eyes are obviously on Apple and all its movements. Also, when posting a new job posting, it is no wonder that every word is thoroughly analyzed. And one of them, in particular, caught the eye: homeOS.


The job description details the daily life of a software engineer in charge of Apple Music. It stated that “  you will work with Apple systems engineers, learning the inner workings of iOS, watchOS, tvOS and homeOS  ” to “  enable the integration of the Apple Music experience on all of our mobile platforms: iOS, watchOS and homeOS  ”. The ad has since been changed and “homeOS” has been replaced with “  HomePod  ” in the first sentence and “  tvOS  ” in the second, but the old version can still be viewed, as it is well known that on the Internet, nothing disappears.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on an all-in-one product for video conferencing, using Apple TV, a HomePod, and a camera. The unification of these different products could therefore go through the creation of an operating system having a common base and which would then take the name of homeOS. In addition, other devices would be in preparation in Cupertino, such as a connected assistant with a screen, like the Google Nest Hub or the Amazon Echo Show.

With the rise of the connected home and home automation, it does not seem inconsistent that Apple is dedicating an operating system to this new category of products. Note also that at present, the Apple brand speaks only of “software” for its HomePods and not of the operating system.


The HomePod software being partly based on tvOS, some see with the evocation of homeOS the possibility of a renaming of the Apple TV operating system to correspond to wider use, including various home automation devices. , including HomePods.

However, this probability seems unlikely to us. First, because tvOS is already well integrated by both consumers and developers, but also because the first sentence of the job posting does refer to tvOS and homeOS, the second not replacing the first.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will say more from next week, during WWDC 2021, or whether we will have to wait to find out what is behind this homeOS.

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