Back Alley Mr. Mime Request Guide – Pokémon Legends: Arceus (Updated 2022)

Andra needs your assistance once more. This time, a Mr. Mime has meandered into the town and it is acting somewhat dubious. It has taken up residency in a back rear entryway and has set up an imperceptible boundary to keep individuals out. Sort out what’s happening and report back. This is the way you complete the Back Alley Mr. Mime demand in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

You will open this solicitation subsequent to advancing through the Coronet Highlands and open Sneasler as a rideable Pokémon. You additionally need to have finished Andra’s other solicitation called Berry Helpful. Track down Andra along the riverbank in Jubilife Village by the waterwheels. Converse with him and he will demand that you sort out some way to arrive at the Mr. Mime in the back rear entryway close to his area.

At the point when you pivot, you will see a Mr. Mime waving its arms in the rear entryway. Assuming that you attempt to come closer from the front, you will run into an undetectable hindrance. Go around the structures on the right and approach from the back. The Mr. Mime will show you out of the back street and run off. You want to find it once more.

Find Andra again close to the Galaxy Team Headquarters behind where the vendor truck is. Mr Mime has set up one more boundary in the little fix of grass ahead. Hurry to the opposite side of the Galaxy Team Headquarters and approach from the side behind the structure. This part is somewhat precarious and there are numerous imperceptible hindrances. Move from side to behind the structure to keep away from the hindrances. You will likewise have to backtrack a bit. When you arrive at Mr. Mime, it will run off once more.

Find Andra again close to the scaffold before the field. Mr Mime is currently remaining close to the Jubilife Village entryway and has set up more imperceptible dividers. Move to the left and right (beginning the left close to the entryway) to traverse the hindrances. Communicate with Mr. Mime for the last time and Andra will compensate you with two portions of Aux Guard.

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