Apple implements the concessions promised on the App Store

Application developers will now be able to contact users individually, without going through the Californian giant’s online store. Apple now allows publishers of mobile applications to contact their users directly… Read more

Apple will tell you how often your apps access your GPS coordinates

Apple is currently testing a tool to strengthen the privacy of iPhone and iPad owners. The privacy report in the latest beta of the system forces apps to be more… Read more

Apple sees itself as a video game company

On Friday, in a regulatory filing on behalf of Fiscal Q4 2021, the company said its products compete as a gaming platform with traditional gaming companies such as Sony, Microsoft,… Read more

Microsoft doubles Apple and once again becomes the world’s largest capitalization

This is the first time since July 2020, when the tech sector attracted a crowd of investors to the heart of the pandemic and containments, that Apple has been dethroned.… Read more

Apple achieves record profit, Facebook changes name

Happy Halloween! This week, Apple is our top tech of the week for its record profits in 2021 and Facebook is once again our tech flop for changing its name after… Read more

Apple launches a cleaning cloth at 25 euros

Everything Apple creates sells well! The price seems to be the least important because the “rush” for new products is immediate. This time, Apple has released something different from the usual. For 25… Read more