Dying Light 2 Stay Human: All Mr Z Quiz Answers in the Infected Intelligence Quiz

There are various storylines and multifaceted accounts in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, yet at its surface, it is as yet a game with regards to old fashioned zombie end times. While we will manage the complex connections between the fighting groups of a perishing world, the super normal danger for humankind is as yet the Infected.

On the off chance that we are to beat the contaminated and shut down the Harran Virus’ long term pandemonium, we should get familiar with the infection and the Infected, who are the significant adversaries. There are not many book-brilliant individuals left to do logical requests in the brutal climate of a withering development. Mr. Z is one of them, and he needs to dive deeper into the zombies, however, he can’t straightforwardly assess them, which is the reason he wants your assistance. Study the Infected Intelligence Quiz and the right responses here.

After you’ve enacted and appointed the Horseshoe Water Tower and initiated the Maple Windmill in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, a Workshop settlement will show up southeast of the Horseshoe Water Tower. Assuming you give the Horseshoe Water Tower to the Survivors, it’ll be an Artist Workshop. Assuming you give the Horseshoe Water Tower to the Peacekeepers, it’ll be a Uniform Workshop. Regardless, assuming that you go to the Workshop settlement, you’ll meet Mr. Z. Conversing with Mr. Z and consenting to assist with his examination will begin a side journey called the Infected Intelligence Quiz. The responses are beneath:

Question: Which sort of Infected can hop higher than others?
Reply: Banshee

Question: Which sort of Infected leaves tracks behind while withdrawing?
Reply: Bolter

Question: Which kind of Infected makes a poisonous fog and restores the dead?
Reply: Revenant

Question: Which kind of Infected has the most hazardous attitude?
Reply: Suicider

Get any of Mr. Z’s inquiries off-base, and he’ll request that you disappear and direct more exploration prior to attempting once more. The mission will be locked for some time, yet it should re-open assuming you track down a bed and get some rest. Assuming that you find every one of the solutions right, Mr. Z gives you a Gravedigger weapon and the Goon Infected Playing Card for finishing the journey.

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