Elden Ring: Best Armor Sets and Their Locations

Elden Ring has an assortment of Weapons and Armor. The stuff that comprises the Best Weapons and Armor will assist you with traversing this game. Weapons are significant however Armor is a need in this game. So in this aide, I will show the Best Armor Sets and their Locations in Elden Ring.

Best Armor Sets and their Locations in Elden Ring

The Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring are as per the following:

Sage Armor Set

This Armor Set comprises the Sage Hood, Sage Robe, and Sage Trousers. The Location of the Sage Armor Set in Elden ring in a Tunnel at the Stillwater Cave Site of Lost Grace, the southmost tip of the lake in Liurnia. Go through the cavern, you will observe a branch-off course which is between two Poison Sorcerers. Follow it and you will wind up in a room with a Corpse that will give the Sage Armor Set once plundered.

Finger Maiden Armor Set

This Armor Set comprises the Finger Maiden Filet, Finger Maiden Robe, and Finger Maiden Shoes. Take a right not long before the Grand lift, upper east the greater part of Liurnia. Go through the Frenzied Flame Village till you get to the Church of Inhibition. In the Church, you will see as a Maiden. Plunder her and you will get the Finger Maiden Armor Set. There will be a Fake trespasser at the Church so be ready.

Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring

This Armor Set comprises the Cleanrot Helm, Cleanrot Armor, Cleanrot Gauntlets, and Cleanrot Greaves. The Location of the Cleanrot Armor Set is at the Inner Aeonia Site of Lost Grace in Caelid. it is toward the east of Astray from Caelid Highway North. Here you should cultivate a foe on numerous occasions as it will get an opportunity to drop each Armor piece from the Set. The foe is clad in reinforcement like the Cleanrot Armor look. Kill it a couple of times and you will get the Cleanrot Armor Set.

Carian Knight Armor Set

This Armor Set comprises the Carian Knight Helm, Carian Knight Armor, Carian Knight Gauntlets, and Carian Knight Greaves. The Location of the Carian Knight Armor Set is at the Raya Lucaria Academy. Through the Graveyard, there will be a Water wheel lift. At the entryway close by, there will be an edge. Stroll on it and hop down, embrace the right side and stroll up the rough way till you track down a Gravestone with zombies before it. Plunder the Gravestone and you will get the Carian Knight Armor Set.

Raptor’s Black Feathers in Elden Ring

This Armor Set comprises of just the Raptor’s Black Feathers yet you can prepare the Skeletal Mask to supplement the look. The area of the Armor Set is in the Altus Plateau locale. It is close to the north of the Abandon Coffin Site of Lost Grace. It is marginally over the Ravine-Veiled Village Site of Grace. From the Grace, head out north directly to the cliffside. There will be the entry of the Sage’s Cave. Go down the Cave, you will arrive at a Waterfall. Before the Waterfall is two Chests that contain the two bits of the Armor Set. Note that there will be Illusion Walls so actually take a look at each corner.

Gelmir Knight Armor Set in Elden Ring

This Armor Set comprises the Gelmir Knight Helm, Gelmir Knight Armor, Gelmir Knight Gauntlets, and Gelmir Knight Greaves. The area of the Armor Site is close to the Abandon Coffin Site of Lost Grace at Altus Plateau. From that point, go upper east towards the Endtree-Gazing Hill Site of Lost Grace. Presently, travel north, on top of the slopes, from the site to Wyndham Ruins. On the westside of the Ruins will be a River, following this waterway keeping towards the left side. You will wind up at Hermit Village. Behind this Village is the Primeval Sorcerer Azur Site of Lost Grace. From that point, go north on top of a Rock arrangement till you arrive at the Gelmir Heroes Grave Dungeon.

From here you should open up the entryway and enter the Dungeon. There will be a ton of traps and adversaries so watch out. Going down the way, you will track down a way with magma on one or the other side. There will be an anteroom as an afterthought where you will actually want to stow away from the Chariot Trap. As you get to the fourth anteroom, bounce down as near the divider as could be expected. From that point get on to the Rafters and scout the region. You will track down a Window, hop into it. There will be a Ladder that goes down, this will lead you to a Bloodhound Knight Boss. After overcoming it, you will get the Bloodhound Knight Armor Set and assuming you plunder the Corpse behind, you will get the Gelmir Knight Armor Set.

These were all of the best Armor Sets and their Locations in Elden Ring. Ideally, this guide has helped you. You can look at our aide on How To Find The Best Weapons in Elden Ring.

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