Elden Ring: Best Weapons Tier List

Elden Ring has a huge load of weapons for you to browse and the players need to realize which is the best subsequently it requires a level rundown. Having the right weapon is vital for you, as it will decide how you play and dispose of your foes. How you take advantage of your weapons additionally relies upon the times you redesign them. So moving along let us investigate the best weapons Tier List for Elden Ring.

Best Weapons Tier List for Elden Ring

Before we get into this rundown these are only my suggestions of the best weapons. You could view a portion of the weapons as put in an alternate level in light of the weapon you use or your loving. That is fine the length of you are having a good time utilizing your preferred weapon. Additionally, I have excluded each weapon in the game simply the ones that are better compared to the most or simple to get. Presently let us rapidly get into this rundown.

Weapon Tier
Stormhawk Axe S-Tier
Grafted Blade Greatsword S-Tier
Maliketh’s Black Blade S-Tier
Golem’s Halberd S-Tier
Crepus’s Black-Key Crossbow S-Tier
Monk’s Flameblade S-Tier
Bandit’s Curved Sword S-Tier
Erdsteel Dagger S-Tier
Grafted Dragon S-Tier
Lusat’s Glintstone Staff S-Tier
Meteorite Staff S-Tier
Greataxe S-Tier
Golem Greatbow S-Tier
Lance S-Tier
Iron Greatsword S-Tier
Guardian’s Swordspear S-Tier
Monk’s Flamemace S-Tier
Serpentbone Blade S-Tier
Hand of Malenia S-Tier
Grave Scythe S-Tier
Gargoyle’s Black Axe A-Tier
Jawbone Axe A-Tier
Jar Cannon A-Tier
Albinauric Bow A-Tier
Erdtree Bow A-Tier
Troll Knight’s Sword A-Tier
Giant-Crusher A-Tier
Arbalest A-Tier
Heavy Crossbow A-Tier
Dismounter A-Tier
Zamor Curved Sword A-Tier
Serpent-God’s Curved Sword A-Tier
Reduvia A-Tier
Star Fist A-Tier
Executioner’s Greataxe A-Tier
Lion Greatbow A-Tier
Treespear A-Tier
Claymore A-Tier
Dragon Halberd A-Tier
Bloody Helice A-Tier
Uchigatana A-Tier
Moonveil A-Tier
Clawmark Seal A-Tier
Partisan A-Tier
Estoc A-Tier
Twinblade A-Tier
Greathorn Hammer A-Tier
Pickaxe A-Tier
Hoslow’s Petal Whip A-Tier
Warped Axe B-Tier
Bloodhound Claws B-Tier
Godslayer’s Greatsword B-Tier
Envoy’s Greathorn B-Tier
Troll’s Hammer B-Tier
Scavenger’s Curved Sword B-Tier
Black Knife B-Tier
Golden Epitaph B-Tier
Golden Order Seal B-Tier
Spiked Spear B-Tier
Steel-Wire Torch B-Tier
Gargoyle’s Black Blades B-Tier
Great Stars B-Tier
Celebrant’s Cleaver C-Tier
Battle Axe C-Tier
Longbow C-Tier
Mace C-Tier
Shortbow C-Tier
Golden Order Seal C-Tier
Longsword C-Tier
Torch C-Tier
Eleonora’s Poleblade C-Tier
Gargoyle’s Twinblade C-Tier
Devourer’s Scepter C-Tier
Thorned Whip C-Tier
Forked Hatchet D-Tier
Dagger D-Tier
Caestus D-Tier
Club D-Tier
Dragon King’s Cragblade D-Tier
Misbegotten Shortbow D-Tier
Short Sword D-Tier

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