Elden Ring: Nepheli’s Location & Questline Guide

Nepheli, otherwise called Nepheli Loux, is a NPC in Elden Ring who is an individual champion and discolored. She was entrusted by her dad, Gideon Ofnir, to oust the Lord of Grafting, Godrick. In this aide, I will discuss the Locations and Questlines in regards to Nepheli in Elden Ring.

Nepheli’s Location and Questline in Elden Ring

Your underlying experience with her will be at Stormveil Castle, inside one of the rooms that show up before the Secluded Cell Site of Lost Grace. From that point, a straight way that will prompt Godrick the Grafted will be there. However, this way is monitored by two Grafted Birds. This way is straightforwardly inverse to where two Soldiers and a Giant are. Here you experience her. The subsequent one occurs after you rout Godrick the Grafted and address her dad in the Library of the Roundtable. Complete all discoursed with him in regards to Nepheli in Elden Ring.

From that point forward, address Nepheli herself at the Roundtable and exhaust her exchanges. The in the future you will observe her, she will be under a Stone Bridge that prompts the Village Of The Albinaurics. Subsequent to conversing with her, she will show up again in the Roundtable however hunkered and some place close to the Blacksmith. These are each of the potential areas you will track down Nepheli in Elden Ring.

Nepheli’s Questline

There are 2 primary missions you should do with Nepheli in Elden Ring. Those are Her Father’s Orders and Seluvis’ Potion. The First one is getting her out of the room in Stormveil Castle. Subsequent to conversing with her, she will offer assistance to takedown Godrick. Before you go to battle Godrick, you should call Nepheli by utilizing her bringing sign. This will work in both Online and Offline modes. In the wake of overcoming Godrick the Grafted, she will move to the Library in the Roundtable Hold. Converse with her and exhaust her exchanges, after which she will compensate you with the Arsenal Charm.

The following mission is Seluvis’ Potion. Here You should initially converse with Nepheli at the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring. After which, you’ll need to converse with Preceptor Seluvis and get a mission. He will give you a Potion that Nepheli should Drink. To observe Nepheli, you should head towards the Stone Bridge at Village of Albinaurics as referenced previously. Subsequent to conversing with her, you should make a beeline for the Roundtable Hold and converse with her down the steps from the Blacksmith. Exhaust her discoursed and afterward converse with Gideon Ofnir in the Library and exhaust all exchanges in regards to Nepheli.

From that point onward, educate him concerning the Potion. Here you will be given the decision of either giving the Potion to Gideon or Nepheli. In the event that you give it to him, he will apparently discard the Potion and assuming you give it to Nepheli will make her inert and leave the Roundtable Hold. Regardless you pick, go to Preceptor Seluvis and converse with him. Contingent upon what you picked, the discoursed are a piece different yet the result is something similar. After this, the mission is finished, you will be provided the capacity to learn Incantations.

This was regarding Nepheli’s Location and Questlines. As I would like to think, you should give the Potion to Gideon as Seluvis might not have the best aims for Nepheli. She might come in help later on so the best is to keep her looking great. Ideally, this guide has assisted you with seeing as her and complete her questlines without any problem. You can likewise look at our different aides like How To Parry and Guard Counter and How To Use Ruin Fragments and Their Locations in Elden Ring.

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