Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.2 is being unveiled in a Live Letter stream next month

Square Enix is holding one more Letter from the Producer stream to show what’s next for Final Fantasy 14 out of about fourteen days.

The transmission will zero in on Final Fantasy 14‘s fix 6.2, occurring on June 1 at 4am PDT/7am EDT/12pm BST. Assuming you’re quick to tune in, Square Enix is communicating the Final Fantasy 14 Live Letter 71 on YouTube (opens in new tab)and Twitch(opens in new tab) at those connections. In the same way as other of Final Fantasy 14’s streams, the group will give Japanese and English message in the show, however the sound will be Japanese as it were.

Square Enix is holding its assets away from plain view over the thing we’ll be seeing precisely, however the show details(opens in new tab) uncover we’ll see section one of fix 6.2 close by other random updates.

While Final Fantasy 14 used to work to an update rhythm of three-and-a-half months, Square Enix moved that to four months to permit an additional fourteen days of execution and calibrating. You can likewise anticipate that additional time should be added throughout the late spring and New Year’s days off, however for good explanation.

“Taking a gander at our timetable and how we work, I really do believe that my group should be solid, and to have the option to keep a decent degree of value since they’re enjoying the fundamental reprieves,” Yoshida said at that point. “Frankly, there were regions where we probably won’t have proceeded as well as we ought to have, in light of the fact that a few of us might have been pushing excessively hard.”

In other Final Fantasy news, we as of late found that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 is called Rebirth, and delivering the following winter is set. Try not to worry, as you’re getting a remaster of Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core this colder time of year to hold you over. On the off chance that that wasn’t sufficient, Final Fantasy 16 is delivering the following summer. Aficionados of the establishment are unquestionably eating great at this moment.

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