Genshin Impact: Oathsworn Eye – How to get it, stats, and ascension materials

The Oathsworn Eye is another 4-star Catalyst weapon in Genshin Impact, presented in Version 2.5 alongside the arrival of playable person Yae Miko. The weapon supports ATK and furthermore provides you with a lot of Energy Recharge subsequent to utilizing an Elemental Skill.

The weapon will be offered free of charge in Version 2.5’s Three Realms of Gateway Offering occasion. You can get it by redesigning the Bokuso Box to a specific level. Like other occasion weapons, this will probably not be accessible after Version 2.5 closures.

Is the Oathsworn Eye any benefit?

The Oathsworn Eye is a puzzling weapon, with a high base ATK detail and a straightforward aloof that simply expands Energy Recharge. This weapon will assist hostile impetus clients like Yae Miko who have a significant expense necessity for their Elemental Burst.

The weapon ought to likewise synergize pleasantly with clients of the Emblem of Severed Fate antiquity set, which scales off of a person’s Energy Recharge. Mona will truly see the value in this weapon, as her Elemental Burst is vital for her harm.

Any other way supports will probably settle on different weapons like the Sacrificial Fragments or Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayer all things considered. In spite of the great Energy Recharge, different weapons can give greater utility over the Oathsworn Eye.

Oathsworn Eye’s Stats

  • Rarity: 4-star
  • ATK: 44 – 565
  • Secondary Stat: ATK%
  • Secondary Stat Levels: 6% – 27.6%
  • Passive: People of the Faltering Light: Increases Energy Recharge by 24% for 10s after using an Elemental Skill.

Ascension Materials

Level 20 x3 Coral Branch of a Distant Sea, x3 Concealed Claw, x2 Spectral Husk, x5000 Mora
Level 40 x3 Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea, x12 Concealed Claw, x8 Spectral Husk, x15000 Mora
Level 50 x6 Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea, x6 Concealed Unguis, x6 Spectral Heart, x20000 Mora
Level 60 x3 Jade Branch of a Distant Sea, x12 Concealed Unguis, x9 Spectral Heart, x30000 Mora
Level 70 x6 Jade Branch of a Distant Sea, x9 Concealed Talon, x6 Spectral Nucleus, x35000 Mora
Level 80 x4 Golden Branch of a Distant Sea, x18 Concealed Talon, x12 Spectral Nucleus, x45000 Mora

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