Genshin Impact Version 2.4 Guide: How to Clear Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss!

Genshin Impact Version 2.4 Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss has reset, giving players a fresh out of the box new test. This is one of the most troublesome Floor 11’s yet, and seemingly resembles a Floor 12. Players without all around assembled characters will battle to get a few free from the floors on schedule, yet there are still ways of expanding your odds of triumph.

Each Spiral Abyss update concedes a special buff to help you out on your fights. This update is the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon: Blade-Flourish Moon.

Genshin Impact Version 2.4 Guide

At the point when the dynamic person’s Normal, Charged, or Plunging Attacks hit rivals on various occasions inside 2 seconds, that character’s Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack DMG is expanded by 5% for 8 seconds. Max 15 stacks. This impact can be set off once every 0.1 seconds and will be cleared assuming the person goes down or leaves the field.

To be very fair, the buff isn’t that valuable for some characters, in spite of the fact that you might partake in the buff assuming you run Xiao or Yoimiya. At this stage in the game’s life-cycle, it’s enthusiastically prescribed to space in no less than one 5-star for your Spiral Abyss venture.

Luckily for us, Floor 11’s Leyline Disorder is a straight-buff rather than a debuff. Characters’ Normal Attack DMG will get a level increment of the half. It’s simply free harm as opposed to something like Corrosion, so exploit that with characters that utilization Normal Attack DMG.

Characters to consider

The actual adversaries are the huge issue on this floor, including a few exceptionally questionable crowds like the Specters and one major Thunder Manifestation. The Thunder Manifestation is a world manager with huge loads of elevated versatility, making it difficult for grounded characters to strike it down. Consider these characters to take with you:

  • Yoimiya: Yoimiya is without a doubt the star of this floor. Assuming you were a player who pulled Yoimiya, yet were disillusioned to see others calling her powerless, then, at that point, fortune has smiled on you. This floor was talior-made for her, and downplays a large number of the difficulties. Her Pyro-mixed Normal Attacks can bargain crazy harm to the Hydro Mimics found on Floor 11-2-2, and her reach is madly useful for managing the Thunder Manifestation. (A decent option in contrast to Yoimiya is Yanfei.)
  • Tartaglia: Tartaglia has forever been a top-meta character in his “Childe International” group, a group that comprises of Tartaglia, Kazuha or Sucrose, Xiangling, or Bennett. This group is additionally very reasonable, as it just requires one 5-star. He proceeds with his rule of ease of use here, and you can run him in your first or second group.
  • Ayaka/Ganyu: Freeze groups will make an arrival of helpfulness on this floor. Ganyu specifically can make short request of the Specters found on Floor 11-2-1.
  • Zhongli/Thoma: If you don’t have Yoimiya to manage the Thunder Manifestation, then, at that point, you must fight very close with the Thunder Manifestation. The manager has huge loads of befuddling, dark assaults that are hard to avoid. Thus, the solace of bringing a committed shielder will probably save your run from a brought down character.

Floor 11: Chamber 1 – First Half

The objective of this chamber is to safeguard the objective’s wellbeing. Adversaries that produce will straightforwardly focus on a Leyline at the focal point of the guide, and you should overcome the objectives rapidly enough so your Leyline’s wellbeing stays above 60% for max finishing.

In the event that you’re not stressed over acquiring 3-stars on this chamber, then, at that point, this floor isn’t downright awful. If not, you’ll need to overcome the Ruin Cruisers and Ruin Destroyers rapidly. The adversaries come in two waves. The underlying wave is two Ruin Cruisers, and the subsequent wave is two Ruin Destroyers.

The most ideal way to handle this first wave is essentially assaulting each of the Ruin Cruisers in turn. When you are assaulting one, the aggro of the foe will draw towards your personality, which means they’ll disregard the Leyline at the middle. You can situate yourself like this:

So the Ruin Cruiser will uphold into the second Ruin Cruiser. This will assist you with managing AoE harm and killing both of these foes simultaneously, as they will normally bunch up together. Presently, the Ruin Destroyers will bring forth. Promptly head to the nearest Ruin Destroyer. Assuming you’re fortunate, the subsequent one will disregard the Leyline at the middle and magically transport to you.

Floor 11: Chamber 1 – Second Half

To floor is clear, without numerous troublesome foe designs. Simply bargain as much harm as possible. You can give yourself wholeheartedly to the foes to draw their aggro away from the Leyline at the middle, yet it’s a clear arrangement of adversaries.

This is another floor that exhibits the helpfulness of Yoimiya, as she can undoubtedly dispatch the Electro safeguards present on the floor from a protected distance.

Floor 11: Chamber 2 – First Half

Oh rapture, the Specters are here. What’s more, it’s not simply normal Specters you’ve found in the overworld. We’ll battle a few interesting Electro and Pyro Specters this time. Joined with sludges. Here is the beneficial thing: for max fruition of this floor, we have 5-minutes. We can take as much time as necessary here.

There will be huge loads of harm invulnerability on this floor, as this multitude of foes is safe to their particular components. Pyro clients are as yet helpful to manage the Electro foes, yet we’ll require an option for the Pyro ghosts.

Since we have five minutes, we have no issue in utilizing Tartaglia’s standard assaults here to just savage power these adversaries to a ridiculous degree. Regardless of whether you use his Elemental Skill, you ought to have the option to overcome these Specters rapidly enough. You don’t need to manage their baffling assault designs either with the reach your Tartaglia has.

On the off chance that you don’t have Tartaglia, any fabricated Bow character will turn out great. Particularly as Normal Attack DMG is polished on this floor.

When you route the underlying influx of Slimes and Specters, two waves will produce simultaneously. Quickly go behind one of the generates as seen previously. The other wave on the furthest edge will consequently magically transport to you, which should save some time.

Floor 11: Chamber 2 – Second Half

The Second Half of Chamber 2 is a lot of Hydro Mimics. One more exhibit of Yoimiya’s helpfulness is in plain view here, as she can naturally focus on hard these difficult to-hit foes. They hit hard, nonetheless. In my run, I needed to trade for Zhongli, as Thoma’s safeguards weren’t cutting it.

The enormous thing to note on this floor is the third flood of Hydro Mimics. They generate two crab Hydro Mimics and two duck Hydro Mimics… and they all detonate. Assuming you rout them without a moment’s delay, they’ll bring forth a minefield of air pockets that will detonate and bargain crazy harm. Be aware of that.

Floor 11: Chamber 3 – First Half

This chamber is really simple and just comprises three foes. The two Kairagi and Mirror Maiden. On the off chance that you really want an update, the two adversaries above should be killed at around a similar time, or the other one will revive its HP. Utilizing a grouper like Sucrose or Kazuha is really valuable in ensuring the foes don’t wander excessively far away from one another. (I for one very much prefer to go straight for the Mirror Maiden. I observe the Kairagi will normally bunch up.)

Floor 11: Chamber 3 – Second Half

The unavoidable issue most players will have is: the reason did miHoYo place this gigantic World Boss into the Spiral Abyss? It’s a secret, however one that we don’t have the opportunity to tackle. This Thunder Manifestation has crazy assault designs that you’ll have to manage on the off chance that you don’t have a shielder. (Also regardless of whether you have a shielder, you can’t be excessively lethargic.)

The manager can shoot out these shots that will accordingly shoot out influxes of Electro energy that can harm you. This is really direct, simply avoid these shots while killing the Thunder Manifestation. Sadly, in the event that you don’t have Yoimiya, you’ll have to get very close.

See this saw-like contraption. While it looks scary, you should simply run through one of the Electro-dividers as it shut in. You’ll stage directly through it without taking any harm.

Sporadically, the Thunder Manifestation will turn towards you. This simply requires great response time. Evade it if possible.

Quite possibly the most troublesome assault to evade is this one. A purple circle will home in on you, and after a set timeframe, an enormous lightning bolt will strike down and follow you. On the off chance that you respond to the circle on schedule and run from it, you can beat the lightning bolt. If not, you will not actually have the option to surpass it.

During this assault, you’ll see the Thunder Manifestation energize spheres of Electro energy. These will then, at that point, take shots out at you like shots, so be ready to evade them when fundamental.

Remembering these assault examples will help extraordinarily in your Spiral Abyss run. In the event that it wasn’t self-evident, Yoimiya is extraordinary here, as you can strike this enemy down as it flies out of sight. However, it’s conceivable with a grounded group also. The greatest test isn’t actually the way the supervisor flies very high, however with its mind-boggling attacks.

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