Hitman 3 Featured Contract Guide – Curry Criminals Silent Assassin!

Curry Criminals is a Featured Contract in Hitman 3 that is undertakings Agent 47 with taking out those ICA workers that are running contrary to the natural order of things of the nearby café. Two targets should be taken out utilizing the dumpling culinary specialist camouflage for reward insight, yet this aide discloses how to kill each focus without changing your mask for a rating of Silent Assassin.


For this mission, it’s ideal to pick the café kitchen beginning area. This gives you the dumpling cook mask from the beginning, which means you don’t have to stress over getting it. You’ll require a hushed gun, we picked the Goldballer and the Coin as an interruption. At long last, you can make life more straightforward for yourself by bringing the Guru’s Emetic Grenade or the Remote Emetic Gas Device, however, they’re not a fundamental piece of this course.

Stage 1: Get into the office and kill your first objective

The main thing you really want to do is leave the café kitchen through the secondary passage and go down the steps. In the rear entryway, there’s a holder with a keypad on it. Utilize the code 0118 to get inside and enter the ICA office. The following is a guide reference for this compartment.

Head inside and take the way to one side as opposed to following the dark line. Use your camera to open the vent in this room and vault into the security office. You want to sneak past the gatekeepers in here and through the entryway on the left-hand divider at the rear of the workplace. There’s a Tier 1 security dongle on the work area before you as you travel through the workplace, or in the passageway, through the entryway, after you’ve snuck past the watchmen.

Follow the hall, and you’ll arise on the contrary side of the security designated spot. Clear your path through the enormous entryways in front of you while keeping away from the surveillance camera, and you’ll have the option to see your first objective. He’s strolling around in the huge office in front of you, and there’s a safety officer in the way also.

Use your camera to open the entryway between you and the objective. Then, at that point, use your Coin to draw out the watchman, stifle him, and store him in the storage around here. Then, do likewise with the objective, yet kill him prior to putting away his body. At last, go into the room and get the Tier 2 security dongle from the work area right inside. You’ll require it.

Stage 2: Downstairs to the subsequent objective

Your subsequent objective is down the steps through the Tier 2 security room behind you. Use your Silenced Pistol to shoot out the surveillance camera in the entryway prior to opening the entryway with your camera. You can make quick work of the steps without being seen, yet take cover behind the low divider and trust that Royce will come through with her safety officer. She’ll talk to the man at the work area to one side of the area prior to moving ceaselessly. Meanwhile, use your camera to close the huge glass window nearby at the lower part of the steps.

When Royce has moved away, head over to the man in the meeting room and curb him. Drag his body to one side, and you’ll observe a closet that you can conceal his body in. Then, at that point, head toward where your objective is remaining with one more NPC and incline toward the low divider. Flip a coin just close to you to draw your objective over. Then, at that point, curb them and drag them to a similar closet in the banquet room to one side. Be cautious as you do this since there is by all accounts an error that causes one safety officer to see you in specific explicit spots on the floor.

Stage 3: Two techniques for your third objective

Your third objective is in the security room along the corridor from your subsequent objective. Once more, you can arrive rapidly without being seen, however, make certain to one or the other shoot out the surveillance camera in the open corridor on your way or use your camera to close the glass divider. There are two methods for killing this objective, who is sitting in a seat at the rear of the workplace. You can either utilize whichever Emetic Device you carried with you to harm the watchman that strolls around behind them to move them or sneak past every one of the gatekeepers and get into the washroom toward the finish of the room. See underneath for a guide reference for the restroom.

Inside the washroom, flip a coin to attract your objective. Then, at that point, go into one of the slows down and flip a second coin to get them to come to you. Shoot them in the head when you see them and conceal their body in the wardrobe in the washroom. Assuming you’ve harmed the subsequent watchman, you’ll have to do this rapidly or curb them first to keep away from them strolling in on you discarding their partner.

Stage 4: Use the vents to get your fourth objective and getaway

Leave the security room and use your camera to enter the vent through the close-by entrance. There’s a screwdriver to one side as you get into this vent, so get it and follow the way to the stepping stool toward the end. See beneath for a guide reference for this current stepping stool area.

Utilize the screwdriver to open the vent at the lower part of the stepping stool. This gets you into a Tier 3 region without the security dongle. Shoot the camera in this passageway quickly, or you’ll get found out by it. Then, you want to involve your camera on the controls inside the room in this passageway to close the windows, so the NPC in there fails to really understand what you’re doing.

At long last, you really want to utilize the fusebox on the right-hand side of this hall to divert your fourth objective into exploring it. Walkout when you can to keep away from another NPC exploring too. Stowaway around the bend and shoot the objective when they come to check out the circuits. Then, at that point, you can place their body in the cabinet close by and head into the vent once more.

Follow the vent along until you track down a stepping stool and a switch. You really want to bring down this stepping stool to scale and getaway. Guarantee you lookout for the two watchmen at the top, however when you’re past them, you can pick whichever leave you need to move away. See underneath for a guide reference for this stepping stool.

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