How do I Delete all Comments and Posts on Reddit?


  • Sign in to your Reddit account.
  • Click on the “remarks” connect on the right-hand side of the fundamental page.
  • Look to the lower part of the page and snap on the “erase all remarks” connect.
  • Click on the “posts” connect on the right-hand side of the primary page.

Erasing ALL of Your Reddit Posts!


Might you at any point erase all Reddit posts on the double?

You can get Reddit Sync for Chrome free by downloading it from the Chrome Web Store. From that point onward, simply drag the button to your Bookmarks toolbar and sign in to your Reddit account. Essentially hit the button that shows up, and you’ll be given various decisions permitting you to eliminate each of the posts you never again need.

How would I forever erase Reddit posts?

On the Reddit portable application, tap “More” > Select the record you wish to erase right under your name. From that point onward, select “Erase post.” When asked by Reddit, click “Erase” prior to clicking “Erase.” Tap the circles image on the right side, simply over the post’s title Then pick Delete Post from the drop-

Are Reddit remarks forever erased?

Regardless of whether you post or communicate your thoughts on Reddit in a subreddit that isn’t promptly accessible to people in general, your remarks and postings are not private. This infers that they won’t be eliminated from our servers-ever-even after your record is erased, and they will stay open.

How would I mass erase all Reddit remarks?

To see your remarks, go to Under your Karma, you’ll presently find a new ‘Erase my remarks’ all’s button. To start the erasure interaction, click on it.

Does erasing Reddit account erase posts?

Your Reddit record will be deleted whenever it has been latent for a year. … It’s difficult to recuperate an erased Reddit account after it has been ended. Your Reddit content will not be eradicated on the off chance that your Reddit account is dropped.

How can you say whether you’re shadow restricted on Reddit?Shadowbanning is a method for concealing a client’s posts from different clients without totally prohibiting the client. Assuming you suspect that you are shadow prohibited on Reddit, there are a couple of things you can do to check. To begin with, have a go at looking for your username on Reddit. In the event that your posts don’t appear in the query items, then you are probable shadowbanned. You can likewise have a go at posting a connection or text post and checking the “submitted” tab to check whether it shows up.

Might Reddit mediators at any point see your email?

Indeed, Reddit mediators can see your email. They can do this since when you pursue Reddit, you consent to their terms of administration, which express that they can get to your data.

How would I get around ShadowBan on Reddit?

There is no reliable method for getting around a Reddit Shadowban, as the calculation that decides if you are being restricted is kept mystery by the organization. Be that as it may, a few hints to build your possibilities staying away from a Shadowban incorporate utilizing a wide range of records to submit content, staying away from nasty way of behaving, for example, presenting similar post on different occasions and being cautious about the sort of happy you post.

What is a Reddit shadowban?

A Reddit shadowban is the point at which a client’s posts are stowed away from different clients, yet the actual client can in any case see them. Utilized as a method for rebuffing clients defy the site’s guidelines.

How long will I be shadowbanned on Reddit?

There is no set time for how long you will be shadowbanned on Reddit. It can rely upon the seriousness of your activities, and how frequently you defy the norms. On the off chance that you are shadowbanned, you can not see your own posts or those of others in your subreddit. You may likewise observe that you can’t remark or decide on posts.

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