How Many Sheets of Music Are in Stray?

In Stray, there are eight pieces of sheet music to collect, but they can be hard to spot if you’re in a hurry. If you keep an eye out for them, you should be able to unlock the Meowlody trophy and Music Badge.

Eight pieces of sheet music

There are several places in the game where you can find Eight pieces of Stray sheet music. The first one is in Clementine’s apartment, on a table next to the pool table. The second one can be found in the middle of the bar. The third one can be found in Elliot’s apartment, on the wall above a painting.

You can also find the sixth piece of music in the Slums, on a wooden patio table on the balcony next to the window of Clementine’s apartment. Another one is on the piano on a book shelf. All of the pieces of Stray sheet music can be found in this way, but the best place to find them is inside Clementine’s apartment.

The final piece of Stray sheet music is a bonus item that is available when you find the music notes that Morusque is holding. When you find these, you can use them to play the tune that he has created. It can be a bit tricky to find this music, so it’s best to take your time and look for it. You’ll also get the Meowlody trophy and the Music Badge once you find it.

You can also find pieces of Stray sheet music in the Slums. The game’s Slums level contains plenty of music sheets, and finding all of them will reward you with a small reward. Obtaining all eight pieces of Stray sheet music will unlock a trophy in the game.

The first piece of Stray sheet music is located in Momo’s flat. It is on a shelf inside her bathroom. The second one is on a shelf outside Clementine’s apartment, on a balcony. This piece is essential for Morusque to find the music he needs.

While the game’s collectibles are many and varied, it is important to focus on the music and collect as many as possible. Some of the pieces are optional and can be acquired later on. However, you should make sure to keep an eye on all of them. The music is a key part of the game, so you’ll need to track down all eight pieces in order to unlock the next level.

Clementine’s apartment

Stray contains eight different pieces of sheet music. These pieces are found throughout the game, but some are easy to miss when you’re in a rush. You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled when collecting them in order to find all of them, including the Meowlody trophy and Music Badge.

There are three different locations for these sheets. The first is in Momo’s apartment. It is located on the shelf near the bathroom. The second is in Clementine’s apartment, and it is on top of a table. It is possible to find the remaining sheets after you grab Music Sheet 6.

The second Sheet Music is located in Clementine’s apartment on the balcony. The fifth sheet is on a table inside the apartment. The sixth sheet is located in the bedroom. The third Sheet Music is found inside Clementine’s apartment. There are several ways to get the other pieces of music in the game.

In the first half of the game, the player must collect sheet music from the various flats. This includes Momo’s home, Clementine’s flat, and the super spirit laundry roof. Once you collect enough of these, you’ll have access to the rest of Stray.

Where can I find the eighth sheet of music? The music sheet is found in Clementine’s apartment, opposite Momo’s apartment. It is on a blue wall, and can be found near a piano. It is also found in Clementine’s safe. This sheet can unlock a safe, which is located under a painting. The Meowlody trophy is also available.

There are also hidden collectibles in Stray. You can find badges, energy drinks, and music sheets. You can also find the locations of plants. To obtain the music sheets, you must first buy some of the energy drink and music sheets in the marketplace. The fourth music sheet is found in the middle booth table of the bar, while the sixth one is obtained by searching the Clementine’s Notebook.

Sheet Music can also be found in Momo’s apartment. The Guardian points it out to the player after showing her the postcard. To get there, jump on the box and the sheet music should be visible.

Doc’s apartment

In Stray, there are eight types of music sheets that can be collected and given to Morusque, a robot guitar player. Those who have all eight pieces will receive an achievement and a small reward. In the game, the music sheets are scattered all over the level, which makes finding them difficult. Luckily, a guide is available to help you find all eight types of music sheets.

Music Sheets are the most prominent collectible in Stray. These are found in various locations in the game, and the player can give them to the robot guitarist to hear them play. They can be collected from Chapter 4 to Chapter 7 and are only available during the slums.

Music sheets are also located on rooftops, and can be found nearby in various locations. These music sheets are required to complete the Meowlody trophy in the game. You can find these music sheets in The Slums by exploring the area, or by talking to the local Companion Morusque. The Companion is a musician who dreams of becoming a famous musician. He wants to play music for Stray, and can play for him if he gets enough sheet music.

After collecting the first music sheet, look for the second music sheet. It’s found on the table near the pool table. If you don’t want to leave the second sheet for the last, you can also find it in Clementine’s room. Afterwards, you can find the third music sheet on her wall painting.

You can collect up to eight pieces of music in Stray. Some of them are easy to find if you’re in a hurry, but others are more difficult to find. When you collect all eight, you will receive a Music Badge and Meowlody trophy.

The first music sheet is located in Momo’s apartment. It’s on a shelf in the bathroom. You’ll also find it outside of Clementine’s apartment in the hallway. It’s next to a lamp.

Momo’s apartment

There are three ways to find sheet music in the game. First, you can find one in Momo’s apartment. It is located on a shelf, not in the main living area. Then, you must slip through a small gap in a door with bars to get to it. After that, you need to climb up on a stack of boxes that are against the opposite wall. The sheet music is located on the right side of the stack of boxes.

The second way to find sheet music is by talking to the Morusque, a robot with a guitar. Morusque is located near The Guardian, on the left. He will offer you a reward when you talk to him. You can also find Morusque’s music sheets in Momo’s bathroom.

The third way to find sheet music is to visit Clementine’s apartment. Her room is located opposite Momo’s apartment. It has a small bookshelf and a bed, and it is a great place to find sheet music. You can also find a sheet of music on Clementine’s balcony.

Clementine’s apartment is located across the Slums. She has a piano in the middle, and the top half of the apartment has a couch and television. She will have a sheet of music stuck to it. Once you open the door, you can get the rest of the music.

Sheet Music 7/8 is found in the apartment above The Slums. It can be found by looking past the TV and the couch. It can also be found in a balcony near Elliot Programming. If you’ve found the sheet of music in this area, you can buy the rest in the Slums market place. You can also purchase Sheet Music 8/8 from the Slums safe.

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