How much does it cost to ship a Video Game

The new video game control centers just drop now and again, and when they do, it’s a tremendous arrangement. During typical occasions, individuals line up outside of significant retailers for a really long time to catch a desired new control center. Nonetheless, in the hour of Coronavirus, the frenzy of new control center deliveries has happened only on the web. That implies a ton of activity in the eCommerce world, and thusly, a ton of activity in the delivery world. Regardless of whether you’re a retailer expecting to satisfy a computer game control center you sold, or you’re basically sending one as a gift to an (extremely) fortunate companion, you shouldn’t run into any issues. You can send consoles both locally and globally. yet for worldwide shipments, you might need to investigate the nation you’re delivering to prior to taking any actions.

With the send off of the PriceCharting free commercial center and backing for Canada, I get loads of inquiries regarding transportation between the USA and Canada. What administration would it be a good idea for me to utilize? What amount does it cost? What bundling would it be advisable for me to use to set aside cash? and so forth

The following is a manual for transportation computer games to Canada. The data applies to different things excessively yet every one of my models will be for computer games.


I’ve been doing a ton of moving over the most recent couple of months. Sooner or later, I’ll realize that I will have to ultimately move toward the east coast and take my stuff with me (my future occupation after school will in all probability be there). In view of that, transporting my gaming PC will be the most costly thing I should stress over. Other than my bed, it’s one of the bulkiest and most delicate things I own.

I’m certain that assuming you’re perusing this article, it’s probable since you’re additionally thinking about the plausibility of delivering your gaming PC to another area. There are a few significant elements that will unavoidably influence how costly the vehicle will be. In this article, I’ll go over all the important data you want to know so you’re not just agreement the amount it’ll cost to deliver it, yet in addition how to do it accurately. As usual, assuming that you have any inquiries or remarks, go ahead and connect at and I’ll give a valiant effort to react!

What amount does it cost to send a Nintendo switch game?

At the end of the day, the complete load of the bundle was 4 lbs which means you’ll be taking a gander at around $20 to transport the Nintendo Switch utilizing USPS Priority Mail, including the extra $200 of protection (a couple of bucks more to guarantee a higher worth).

What would I be able to send games ready?

Another ridged box that is liberated from marks or water harm is your smartest choice here. Its flawless design will deal with the afflictions of transportation far superior to a case that is now confronted with its break in the world.

How to sell a video game on eBay?

Do determined and afterward select it as the transportation strategy. eBay will then, at that point, include the determined cost dependent on the going rate. In any case, the level rate restricts you so you can’t attempt to sell a game for $1.00 with $10.00 delivering. Which doesn’t make any difference much since eBay takes it FVF from delivery in any case.

What’s the most ideal way to send a video game?

Assuming not, simply transport the games together in one of those 9×12 or 10×13 fasten envelopes (without cutting it), and print out your delivery name as per the heaviness of that shipment.

What amount does it cost to transport a game on eBay?

The weight will ordinarily be somewhere in the range of 3 oz. to 6 oz. contingent upon the game pack’s substance. Pick “no” for signature affirmation (eBay just requires this for shipments worth more than $250). You’ll likewise see that PayPal just charges you only $0.19 for conveyance affirmation following help (this expenses $0.80 assuming you do it at the mail center).

Which is the most ideal way to mail a video game?

Best/Cheapest method for mailing a computer game… 08-29-2012 07:06 AM The most ideal way assuming you have those level rate boxes is to choose that while making the sale or get it presently posting. Do determined and afterward select it as the transportation strategy. eBay will then, at that point, include the determined cost dependent on the going rate.

So what amount does it cost to deliver a gaming PC?

It costs roughly $60-120 to transport a mid-tower gaming PC to most states in the United States. Mid-tower PCs are the most widely recognized sort of case, so you can gather the cost together or down contingent upon how large and weighty your gaming PC is.

Note: This number doesn’t have anything to do with the expense of “immediate delivery.” Choosing the quickest transport choice will handily twofold this cost.

There are a few significant variables that influence the expense of transportation one. Distance, weight, and size will be the super main consideration. Most PCs don’t differ that much in size, so your cost won’t go all over dependent on that. Remember that this cost can be significantly higher assuming you have an incredibly enormous form or then again in the event that it’s the stature of your work area!

The thing FedEx and UPS Said About My Gaming PC Shipment

Transporting a gaming PC has similar costs related to it as transportation to any ordinary PC. I certainly will arrange it as amazingly delicate despite the fact that they realize they’re moving a PC. I had a short discussion with the client care at FedEx and they let me know the complete expenses rely upon the accompanying classes: aspect size, weight, transporting speed. In spite of what I thought, distance isn’t such a large amount factor as I initially suspected. It has more to do with transportation speed and weight than anything more.

My Video Game Price Quote

I need to transport mine from San Jose to Tampa, Florida. I have a mid-tower case, which implies the elements of my PC would be 500 x 223 x 475mm. I realize my PC weighs generally 30lbs too and considers “delicate.” FedEx and UPS both don’t do value statements via telephone. You really need to take in what you need to be transported for them to decide its last expense.

FedEx has a helpful apparatus to compute best guesses on your delivery cost just as travel time. This is the thing that I used to get my expense reach and conversing with them on the telephone to at minimum affirm it would be around $100 for no-rush transportation. I simply need to repeat, they can’t give you a substantial cost until you bring your pc into the store. I don’t expect that anybody’s value reach will change from 50-75 except if they have an enormous form or one that gauges a ton.

Tips Before You Ship Your Video Game

  • Ensure your drive confines are secure. Assuming you don’t have a clue what I talk about, your drive confines are the metallic edge that you unscrewed to course HDMI lines into your motherboard and illustrations plug. A great many people additionally have an enclosure that is likewise used to course their power supply string. These can get free while on a long excursion. Ensure they are fastened as close as conceivable so this doesn’t occur.
  • Use UPS or FedEx. Subsequent to doing a great deal of examination myself, I discovered that neighborhood mail depots are not the best approach. They go through more stops and stacking/dumping processes-greater chance for your PC to get moved around and possibly beat up en route. UPS and FedEx are better at smoothing out the entire interaction and you can get live updates all the more effectively through them.
  • Consider eliminating your designs card and motherboards. I would likewise consider eliminating your RAM despite the fact that it’s not quite as costly as the other two. My companion had a companion who delivered his construct abroad and it got shaken around such a huge amount on the plane that the designs card and motherboard severed the stubs they were appended to. He fundamentally needed to purchase another PC through and through.
  • Use your old PC box on the off chance that you actually have it. Any postal business you go into will actually want to securely bundle your PC. Be that as it may, you’ll have the option to save $10-15 assuming you actually have your old case and needn’t bother with them to bundle it for you. Mine accompanied structure fitted styrofoam pieces that I’ll have the option to utilize when I choose to send it.
  • I didn’t run over any extra costs that you should know about. After you pay for the transportation at the UPS or FedEx store, they essentially have it completely taken care of from that point.

Would it be a good idea for you to Buy Insurance?

You can purchase extra protection if necessary. The first $100 of harm is taken care of by no extra expense for both UPS and FedEx. However, a harmed gaming PC is probably going to have something beyond $100 in costs. Since the cost of what you’re transporting great surpasses that number, it may check out to purchase extra protection.

Ordinarily, with FedEx and UPS, it’s $1 per $100 of pronounced worth more than $300. By and large, that is not really costly! Eventually, you should in any case do what you can to eliminate the most important pieces of your PC for good measure.

Would it be advisable for me to Go With UPS or FedEx?

As referenced previously, UPS and FedEx are, paying little heed to the one you pick, preferred choices over the standard mail center. I’m somewhat one-sided towards picking FedEx in light of the fact that I’ve had great encounters with their delivery. As indicated by this site, FedEx likewise has a lower harm rate contrasted with UPS (7% rather than 11% harmed rate by UPS). Note that their protection costs are something similar, and they handle that part of the shipment indistinguishably.


Transporting your gaming pc ought not to be an unpleasant undertaking. As may be obvious, the cycle is very straightforward and there is a great deal you can do to guarantee it shows up at its next objective securely. Before I wind up moving a lot of my stuff to my family’s home in Florida, this will be probably the greatest thing I need to deliver there. I did a ton of this exploration for the most part for my own advantage, however, I figure it’s likewise worth offering to every one of you. Assuming you have whatever other valuable tips that would assist with improving this article go ahead and contact me.

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