How to cancel your Spotify Account

Spotify is one of the top music real time features, offering free and paid admittance to in excess of 82 million tunes online last time anyone checked. A paid arrangement adds a few valuable highlights, yet perhaps you don’t utilize it enough to legitimize the month to month cost. Maybe you’ve changed to an opponent help like Apple Music, or perhaps you object to a portion of the substance and characters on Spotify and never again care to give the organization your professional (Neil Young). Whatever the explanation, this is the way to eliminate your connections to Spotify.

Spotify is as yet a perfect example for the music streaming industry; with 138 million paying supporters, it’s the main music administration utilized all over the planet. The Swedish firm is standing its ground in the business yet has found a way numerous ways to announce the organization and increment income. This, combined with developing rivalry from the also evaluated Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Tidal, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, is making a few clients switch loyalties.

While trying to draw in more individuals to the assistance, as far as anyone knows in the expectation they’ll move up to the paid-for plan, Spotify sent off another complementary plan in April. Before the send off, Spotify offered two levels – an advertisement free one for $9.99 each month and a free, promotional subsidized level. The previous allows you to download melodies to pay attention to disconnected and doesn’t limit access; the last option confines the number of tunes you can get to, well-known playlists, and just on the mix. Under the new Spotify Free level, you can pay attention to any tune from 15 Discovery playlists, on-request.

Spotify additionally offers Student accounts, Family records, and Spotify Duo (for two individuals at a limited cost). Every level is estimated seriously with others available. However, assuming you’re prepared to set aside some cash every month, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to drop your membership.

Drop Spotify Premium

The paid Premium adaptation includes great sound, limitless skips, a promotion free encounter, the choice to play any tune in your assortment, and a method for paying attention to music disconnected. On the off chance that you settled on the Duo or Family designs, numerous individuals will approach a similar record.


To drop a paid Spotify Premium record, sign in to the assistance and snap your name in the upper-right corner. Click Account > Available plans, then, at that point, look down the page to the Spotify Free area. Click Cancel Premium.


This will basically downsize your record to a free form. Spotify cautions you of what advantages you will lose by dropping Premium. Look down the page and snap Continue to drop.


On the following page, Spotify will show you when your Premium arrangement will authoritatively end and the complementary plan will dominate. Click the Yes, Cancel button and your paid membership is at last dropped.


Spotify will then, at that point, ask you to finish a review about for what good reason you dropped your exceptional record and regardless of whether you’d probably buy in once more. Finish up the page assuming you wish and snap Submit.

Close a Free Account


A free Spotify account restricts you to rearrange play, so you have zero influence over the request in which your melodies play. To eliminate a free Spotify account, make a beeline for the Spotify site and peruse to Support > Account Settings > Closing Your Account > Close your record.


You will then, at that point, be incited to enter your Spotify login data on the off chance that you’re not currently signed in. Spotify will then, at that point, inquire as to whether you are certain. Click the Close record button.


Spotify requests that you affirm that you are attempting to erase the right record. Survey your username and email address right now, then, at that point, click Continue.


You have then let everything know that will be eliminated from your related record once the record is erased. Really take a look at the container close to “I comprehend” and afterward click the Continue button.


You are then coordinated to browse your email to finish the interaction. In the email from Spotify, click Close my record to at last close it down. Spotify will send you an affirmation email with a connection that can reactivate your record would it be advisable for you to adjust your perspective? The connection is legitimate for seven days, at which point you will not have the option to resurrect your record.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a couple of more things you should be familiar with the Spotify account wiping out. See our FAQs beneath:

I dropped my record, however, I was charged once more. What was the deal?

Expecting you dropped your Premium membership, the main explanation you would’ve been charged again is that the scratch-off wasn’t set before the recharging date.

Assuming you’ve been charged for a Spotify membership after undoing, the main thing you ought to do is to search your email for affirmation. It ought to have the dropping date set on it. In the event that all looks at and the charge was a mistake, contact Spotify support.

Would I be able to reactivate a shut record?

In the first place, it’s essential to take note that you can reactivate your paid membership (alongside all playlists and advantages) assuming your record is as yet open.

Whenever you’ve selected to close your record, there aren’t any choices for recuperation. The record and every one of its information are gone when you close the record. Your main choice will be to open another record and make new playlists.

I pursued Spotify utilizing Facebook. Would I be able to simply detach it?

Tragically, no. Spotify offers its clients a few different hints in choices, and in the event that Facebook is yours, you’ll have to close your record per the guidelines above and begin once again with another record.

Whenever you’ve dropped your record, utilize your email and a novel secret word to make a new record. Simply be careful; the entirety of your past music, playlists, and downloads won’t be accessible assuming that you do this. You should arrange all of your substance once more.

In any case, in the event that you set up your Spotify account with an email and secret key, and later interface it to Facebook, you can disengage your records. You should simply open Spotify on an internet browser and go to Settings. Then, at that point, click ‘Disengage from Facebook’ when the choice shows up.

What else is there to do in the event that I can’t sign ready?

In the event that you can’t sign in to your Spotify account, you’ll have some trouble getting the assistance dropped. Obviously, you could constantly contact your monetary organization to end future installments (this might possibly be the best arrangement relying upon how you’re paying for the assistance), or you can finish up Spotify’s Contact Us structure for more assistance.

On the off chance that, for reasons unknown, you can’t drop by means of the site, iTunes, or any place you began the help (even on account of extortion), contact the organization for additional help.

I don’t have the choice to drop Spotify from the site. What’s going on?

In the event that you can’t drop Spotify utilizing Spotify straightforwardly, you probably pursued the assistance through an outsider. This could be Apple, Google Play (at one once), or a help group like Hulu. The quickest method for finding who you pursued the help with is by browsing your email (search for the affirmation email when you previously joined) or your bank articulations.

Then, at that point, sign in to that help and follow the abrogation steps.


No matter what your purposes behind dropping your Spotify membership and erasing your record, you presently realize the means required to do as such. Similarly, as with many administrations, there are many strides to guarantee that the record holder genuinely needs to erase their record.

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