How to Change Your Name on Fortnite

If you’ve been wondering how to change your name in Fortnite, you’ve come to the right place. The process is simple and will give you more freedom over the way people view you. The name you use on the game is known as your Gamertag or Username. You can change it as often as you like.


If you’re tired of your current gamertag, you can change it in the Fortnite settings. It’s easy to do. Click on the Account tab on your Fortnite account. Next, find the Generals tab and click the Edit button next to Display Name. Type in a new name and click Confirm. Then, you can close the account settings page and change the display name back.

Alternatively, you can use the Xbox Live service to change your gamertag. It’s free to do when you first sign up. You can change it again for another time without any fees. In addition, you can use the same gamertag in both accounts. But before you go ahead, make sure you choose a unique one and make sure it’s not taken by anyone else.

In order to change your gamertag, you’ll need to login to your Epic Games account. First, go to your profile page. Scroll down to the “General” section and click “Change Display Name.” Once you’ve done this, click on the “Save Changes” button to save your changes. Once you’ve made the change, Epic Games will send you an email to confirm it.

Changing your name on Fortnite is free and you can do it as often as you want. It only takes two weeks, so it’s worth it to avoid typos or misspellings. Just remember to follow the instructions provided on the site to ensure your new name stays up to date.

Changing your gamertag is relatively simple. In Fortnite, you can do it on the Xbox by logging into the official Xbox site. Then, go to the home screen and look for your new username. If not, then you’ll need to switch to the PSN name for your PlayStation 4 account.

You can also change your display name or gamertag using your Epic Games account. You can even bypass the default gamertag on your PlayStation or Xbox if you’d like. To do this, log in to your Epic Games account. You’ll be prompted to confirm your request.


If you’re tired of the same old username, you can change it on Fortnite! You can change your display name on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions of the game. However, there are a few things that you must consider when changing your username. First, remember that your username will be listed in the games that you play. Make sure that you choose something cool.

If you want to change your Fortnite username or display name, you must sign into your Epic Games account. You can do this through PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Once you’re signed in, visit the Epic Games website. Click “Sign in” and choose the platform you’re playing on.

Once you’re logged in, head to your game’s settings page. You’ll want to change your display name, and you’ll find the option at the bottom of the account page. You’ll have to confirm the change every two weeks to maintain it. After you’ve changed your display name, you’ll get an email with a verification link. Click on this link, and your new Fortnite name will appear on your account page.

You can change your Fortnite display name by visiting the “Account” page on the Epic Games website. From there, navigate to the ‘General’ tab. Click the ‘Display Name’ box, and enter the name you want to display. After confirming, click ‘Save’ to save your changes.

If you’re an Xbox or PlayStation user, you can change your PSN name by entering it in your console’s settings. You’ll then be able to change your PSN name, which will affect the name you use in Fortnite and all other games on the console. The process is simple, but it costs about $5 if you have PS Plus and $10 for non-subscribers.

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If you’re tired of being stuck with your old username, you can change your Fortnite name easily. In fact, you can do this as often as you want! Changing your Fortnite username is free, and you can change it up to every two weeks. This guide will show you how.

First, you’ll need to log in to your Epic Games account. Once you’ve logged in, you should be taken to the main Fortnite login page. From here, you’ll need to click the “Manage Account” menu and then click on “Change Display Name.” Once you’ve clicked on the menu, you should see your current name and a pencil icon next to it.

After signing in to your Fortnite account, you’ll need to change your display name. To do this, navigate to the Account Settings section of the menu. To change your Display Name, click the pencil icon next to it. Then, type in the new name you want to use. If you’ve changed your name in the past, you’ll have to retype it to reflect the new one.

After you have done that, you’ll need to click on the Xbox button that’s on your controller. You’ll then be able to view your profile details on the left side of the screen. From there, you’ll need to click on the edit button and type in your new name twice. You’ll have to agree to the terms and conditions of the game before the change becomes effective.

Once you’ve changed your display name, you’ll need to confirm it with your Epic Games account. This process will take approximately two weeks. During this time, Epic Games will send you an email with instructions that you need to follow. You’ll need to wait at least two weeks before changing your display name again.

Changing your name on Fortnite is fairly easy. You can do it from your Epic Games account. You’ll need to be signed into your Epic Games account and go to ‘General’ in your account. From there, click the blue ‘Edit’ button, type in the name you want to use, and confirm it.

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In Fortnite, you have the option to change your username at any time, and it doesn’t cost you a dime. But you should be careful when choosing a username. You’ll want to make sure it’s a fun one, and you shouldn’t make too many typos. You can change your PSN ID and Fortnite name once per day, but each time you switch the two, you’ll have to login with your new credentials.

In addition to changing your name on Fortnite, you can change your screen name in other games created by Epic Games. It’s important to make sure that your screen name is legal, as your name will appear on every Epic Games game. You can also change your gamertag every two weeks, but you’ll need to make sure that it’s still relevant and unique.

To change your Fortnite display name, visit the Epic Games website. You’ll need to sign in to your Epic Games account and go to the “General” tab. Then, find the box that says “Display Name.” Click the check box and change your name. The process is simple, and it will take only a few minutes.

Once you’ve selected a username, you can then go to the Fortnite username page and change it. This process is free and can be done once every two weeks. You’ll get a green notification when your name has changed. It’s easy to change your username, but you should be careful to choose your username carefully.

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