How to Clear Google Search History on Galaxy S6

Of late protection is a developing and first concern for some cell phone clients, particularly when we use our gadgets for everything under the sun. Gadgets like the Galaxy S6 are really secure with an underlying finger impression scanner for a lock screen, however, that isn’t sufficient all the time. In the event that you end up possessing the Galaxy S6 and might want to figure out how to erase or eliminate your program history, we take care of you.

Protection ought to forever be a top concern, and program history or structure information is one of numerous you really want to know about. There are various reasons a client might need to erase their web program or search history on a cell phone, and we’re certain you have your reasons, so here we’ll disclose how to do as such on the new Galaxy S6.

How to Clear Google Search History on Galaxy S6

With regards to eliminating your program history on Android, there are one or two situations here. One major component is that there are numerous distinctive outsider programs for Android, and they all have somewhat various settings. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 (or all Galaxy gadgets) have their own program called “Web” and that is the place where we’ll concentrate today, just as Google Chrome obviously.

On the off chance that you’re signed in to your Google account, which we’re accepting you are the point at which you use Android, each site you visit or quest for will be saved and recalled. That is except if you have history switched off totally or are utilizing an in a secret tab or an in disguise program, which we’ll specify again underneath.

Eliminating your program history and search history are two unique things, however beneath we’ll disclose how to clear the program history on the Samsung Galaxy S6. This could be so your children or huge others can’t understand what you purchased for their birthday, general protection concerns, or for different reasons we will not get into, this is the way to do it.


As we expressed above, there are different choices and outsider programs promptly accessible on the Google Play Store for clients, and from makers. Google Chrome is the most famous and on most gadgets nowadays, which we’ll make reference to beneath, however, numerous Galaxy S6 proprietors presumably utilize the stock implicit program called “Web”. So that is the place where we’ll begin.

While utilizing the “Web” application on the Galaxy S6, which is the internet browser, tap the new “More” menu button close to the upper right of the screen. This raises the popup menu, where you’ll look down and choose “Settings”, then, at that point, just explore to and select “Protection”.

Galaxy S6

When you’re in the security settings menu you’ll see a couple of choices to modify client protection on the gadget. One well known one is whether the gadget recalls structure information. Like client account login data and your secret phrase. They’ve named this “save sign-in information”. I keep this on so I don’t need to retype passwords, yet I additionally have a lockscreen security measure set up. This can be hazardous, as with banking destinations, so use with alert.

The last choice is the one you’ll need to choose, which is imagined for you beneath and recorded under “Erase Personal Data”.

Galaxy S6

From here basically, select “Erase Personal Data” which will carry you to a full rundown of internet browser history choices. In this popup, you’ll have the option to clear out your whole program history, store, treats, and site information, and even your auto-fill and secret word data. Auto-fill is helpful as it recalls email and sign in data, so don’t evident that except if you totally need to.

Most clients will approve of choosing the initial three choices displayed above, then, at that point, really eliminating all your data by hitting done. The interaction will require a couple of moments, to more than a moment, contingent upon the amount you peruse the web or how regularly the client erases his tracks. Whenever you’ve chosen what you need and hit done, the GS6 will clear your program history for great. It’s gone, and you’re good to go. You’ve totally stowed away your tracks, for whatever it was you were doing. The pleasure is all mine.

Google Chrome

A great deal of Samsung cell phone proprietors really use Google Chrome versus the underlying program, so we’ll clarify that as well. For Google Chrome the interaction on the Galaxy S6 is basically something very similar, just named somewhat unique. Hit a similar menu button up top (three-specks) and select “History” then, at that point, tap the “Reasonable Browsing Data” button at the base.

Galaxy S6

You’ll get a comparative choice of check-boxes as displayed above, and you can handle what you erase everlastingly, and what stays. The main advantage of Chrome is you can eliminate individual site visits, rather than everything or nothing, so it doesn’t create the impression that you’re concealing your tracks. Just hit the x to clear every individual inquiry you’d like taken out and you’re completely finished.

In secret Mode

To keep all of this from being an issue in the first place, you can simply utilize something many refer to as the Incognito Mode. At the point when you’re in the Galaxy S6 program hit the menu and empower Incognito Mode. This fixes things such that the program will not recollect or save any set of experiences, passwords, login, or track what you do. This is your smartest choice, and something numerous clients ought to consider.

There are multiple browsers on the Google Play Store that do this by default and will never, ever, remember any of your data. Dolphin Zero is a good one, and even the less popular Opera Browser has a browser-wide privacy mode you can enable. I’d stick to the stock browser or Chrome, but everyone likes something different, and there’s plenty to choose from on Android.

What we do on our smartphones is no one’s business but our own, so make sure you take the steps mentioned above to prevent it from being saved or seen by others. That, or simply delete anything you don’t want falling into the wrong hands.

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