How to Complete the Breaking Even Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West

Earning back the original investment is a side mission you can get from Camp Nowhere in Horizon Forbidden West. You’ll track down this camp in Stillsands while investigating the tremendous locale right outside of the office where you meet GAIA interestingly. Aloy is entrusted with examining the imploded burrow for an exchange convoy and tracking down a way through. This guide discloses how to finish Breaking Even, including tips regarding beating its ruthless chief.

1: Explore the passage

Enter the passage and search for a few red gems on the divider. You can touch off these and break into another piece of the passage that hasn’t fallen. Utilize your Pullcaster to open the vent and find the last one standing. They’ll enlighten you regarding something that assaulted them, yet they bite the dust before you can discover what it was.

Horizon Forbidden West

Continue to investigate, and you’ll come to an open region loaded up with machines. Try not to misjudge these foes. They’re Apex forms, and all sneak up suddenly. Attempt to take no less than one of the Burrowers out utilizing secrecy before most of the dive on you. To push ahead, you want to kill every one of the machines and utilize your Pullcaster again to unblock the huge opening at the highest point of the incline.

2: Kill the Rockbreaker

When you’re through the obstructed entry, you can see the exit to the passage ahead. Be that as it may, when you arise, you rapidly find what caused the breakdown and killed the team of the last parade. There’s a monster machine called Rockbreaker swimming around in the ground in an enormous field, and you really want to kill it.

Horizon Forbidden West

Fortunately, the field is loaded up with ecological snares to set off that will bargain a decent piece of harm to this Rockbreaker. These machines are powerless to fire, so arm yourself with anything that arrangements fire harm and hit it. You’ll need to hit it multiple times when it hops up out of the ground like a whale before it jumps and seashores itself. The Rockbreaker will then, at that point, get across the ground and attempt to crush into Aloy. Whenever you’ve killed the machine, accumulate every one of the assets it drops and returns to Camp Nowhere to finish the mission and guarantee your award. You’ll get more on the off chance that you get the chest left by the band.

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