How to Delete YouTube Shorts

If you’d like to delete YouTube shorts, there are a few ways to do it. You can either turn them off completely with YouTube Vanced, or you can mark them as not-interesting. Regardless of your preference, there’s a method to disable these videos that is easy to implement and will ensure they don’t show up in your watch history again.

Disable YouTube shorts from the home feed

If you are tired of seeing YouTube shorts on your home feed, you might want to disable them on your device. There are two ways to do so. One is to disable them in the app, and the other is to disable them on the account level. After you’ve disabled them, they won’t show up in the home feed again.

Alternatively, you can use a browser to unsubscribe from these ads. Note that you will not have to delete your account when you unsubscribe from YouTube. However, you should know the risks associated with unsubscribing to this feature. If you do not want to delete your account, simply uninstall updates that contain YouTube shorts.

Another option to disable YouTube shorts on your home feed is to mark them as ‘Not Interested’. Once you do this, you can no longer see these videos in your home feed or home screen. This option is available for both the Android and iOS version of the YouTube app.

Unfortunately, this option isn’t available for every device. However, if you can disable YouTube shorts in the browser, it will no longer show up on your home feed. You’ll still see a small list of suggestions, but they won’t appear in the home feed. You can also disable YouTube shorts on your YouTube account by using the browser’s “Not Entered” menu. This option will ensure that YouTube doesn’t show shorts in your home feed again until 30 days have passed.

Another option for disabling YouTube shorts is to use a third-party application called YouTube Vanced. The app can be downloaded on your PC or smartphone. This will enable you to disable the shorts tab and shelf. The shorts feature will be gone from your home feed, but you can still manage the layout settings.

If you’re having trouble finding the correct option, you can open the App Info page in your YouTube app. Just click on the “i” icon and tap the option named “Uninstall Updates.” After you’ve done that, YouTube will remove the Shorts Tab and Videos from your home feed.

Disable YouTube shorts from the watch history

If you don’t want to watch YouTube shorts, you can disable them from your watch history. You can do this from within the YouTube app or web. Click on the three dots icon next to Short video and select “Disable from watch history”. The short videos will then be removed from your watch history and won’t appear in your watch history again.

This method may not work for everyone. If the shorts continue to appear in your watch history, try refreshing the page. You can also try uninstalling your YouTube app and reinstalling it. Another option is to block the account of a YouTube user that is annoying you by posting short videos.

Fortunately, YouTube has added a new feature that allows you to turn off YouTube shorts. These short videos interrupt your viewing experience and distract you from the content you are trying to watch. This feature can be enabled by changing the settings in your profile. It will gradually roll out to your account, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away.

In the YouTube app, select Library > Settings. Click on the VIEW ALL button underneath the History header. Next, click on the three dots icon next to the YouTube short video and select “Disable from watch history”. This will remove the short video from your watch history. This method will also remove YouTube videos from your search history.

YouTube wants to promote the Shorts feature as a way to compete with Reels and TikTok, and it wants to offer personalized experiences to every user. The Shorts feature is designed to do this, so you can customize your experience and avoid being bothered by short videos. To disable YouTube shorts from your watch history, log in to your account. After you login, tap on the three dots icon and choose “Not interested.” Once you do that, you can mark all your short videos as “Not Interested.”

Disabling YouTube shorts from the watch history is easy. You can do this on both the desktop and mobile version. Once you’ve done that, you can view videos without the shorts, which is a big pain for many users.

Turn off YouTube shorts with YouTube Vanced

If you’re fed up with YouTube’s “shorts,” you can remove them from your homepage with a few clicks. Turn off YouTube shorts with YouTube Vance, a simple app that will allow you to do just that. The app is compatible with almost any device that has the YouTube mobile app installed.

The YouTube Vanced app is available for Android and iOS devices, and provides an easy way to turn off YouTube Shorts. The app is free, and it has a variety of other useful features, such as ad blocking and background playback. Using the app is free, and its many features can help you enjoy the YouTube experience without having to deal with ads.

After downloading YouTube Vanced, launch it and sign in using your Google account. On the settings tab, you’ll find the shorts option. You can also disable the “create shorts” button. Once you’ve disabled the shorts feature, you can continue to use YouTube.

You can disable YouTube shorts on mobile devices by tapping the “Shorts” option in the YouTube home screen. You can also disable them on a per-account level. This way, YouTube will not show you these videos again. You can even disable them altogether.

YouTube users can also turn off YouTube shorts by marking the selected ones as ‘Not interested’. Doing so will remove them from the home screen and feed. You can do this on an individual basis or select all the shorts and mark them as ‘Not interested’.

YouTube has a new feature called “Shorts”. This allows people to upload 15-second clips that they’ve created. While this feature is convenient, some people are not a fan of it. Many people use it as a way to scroll mindlessly. Turning off YouTube shorts can help you stay focused on other content and avoid watching these videos.

To turn off YouTube shorts on mobile devices, you need to go to the YouTube app’s settings menu. From here, you can turn off ads, sponsored content, and YouTube stories. You’ll also want to uninstall any updates you may have downloaded.

Turn off YouTube shorts by marking videos “Not Interested”

To turn off YouTube shorts, mark the videos as “Not Interested.” Once you’ve marked a video as “Not Interested,” you won’t see it on your homepage. But you can still remove it. You can uninstall the YouTube app and go back to the previous version without shorts.

Alternatively, you can choose to turn off all shorts by highlighting them and marking them as “Not Interested” in the YouTube app. First, open the YouTube app on your mobile device and sign in. In the Shorts section, scroll down until you find the “Not Interested” option. After highlighting the video, press the three dots icon to remove it from the display.

To turn off YouTube shorts on the web, you must download YouTube vanced, which can be found on the Google Play store. Once installed, open the app and go to the “Settings” tab. There, tap the “Not Interested” option and then hit “Ok.” After doing so, you will no longer see shorts in your feed.

In the YouTube app, you can mark videos as “Not Interested” by clicking the three-dot icon next to the video. You can also mark videos as “Not Interested” individually. This will prevent YouTube from showing you any of them again. But be patient – it might take some time before the feature reaches your device.

Another way to turn off YouTube shorts is by switching to “Incognito Mode” mode. This mode allows you to browse videos anonymously and without saving your watch or search history. Unlike regular browsing, incognito mode does not save the video title or duration. Moreover, it hides subscribed channels from your taskbar.

YouTube allows users to mark videos as “Not Interested” in order to turn off these ads. In addition, you can also turn off YouTube shorts on your mobile devices by marking videos “Not Interested”. After marking videos as “Not Interested” in YouTube, you’ll no longer see them in your home screen. Alternatively, you can set a timer to play videos without the ads.

Marking a video “Not Interested” on YouTube will turn off the feature’s automatic recommendation. This feature automatically identifies videos that are popular among users who have similar interests. It helps users make informed decisions about which videos to watch and which ones to skip.

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