How to Edit YouTube Videos on Chromebook: Tips for Beginners

A Chromebook is a brilliant and (regularly) less expensive option in contrast to most PCs running Windows or macOS. Nonetheless, the normal agreement is that you can’t perform asset concentrated assignments like altering photographs and recordings on a Chromebook.

The full work area applications you know and love are as yet missing from Chromebooks. Fortunately, most Chromebooks presently approach Android applications through the Google Play Store. Some can even exploit Linux applications.

There are some versatile centered photograph and video editors for Chromebooks that even experts can live with. Some Chromebooks can have extremely high specs, similar to the Google Pixelbook Go or the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2. This can make Chrome OS machines significantly more practical altering PCs.

The best video altering applications:

  • PowerDirector
  • Kinemaster
  • WeVideo
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Magisto

The best photograph altering applications:

  • Google Photos
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Snapseed
  • Pixlr
  • Gimp

Chromebooks have truly gotten a foothold in the previous years since they are typically less expensive than their Windows or MacOS options and their working framework, ChromeOS, is sufficiently basic to empower most essential usefulness and run truly smooth while doing it.

While all that sounds great, with regards to altering video or keeping a YouTube channel on a Chromebook there are a ton of question marks and some disarray. A great many people will let you know that you can’t dream about it, yet we think there are some excellent ways of growing a YouTube channel on a Chromebook.

What are the constraints of Chromebooks?


To immediately go through to the antagonistic focuses that individuals make I will begin with the possibility that they are underpowered for video altering. Contingent upon the cash you spend yes they can do not have some power however that is likewise valid for a Windows PC so there isn’t a very remarkable case here. It is valid however that you can’t buy Chrome OS gadgets with amazingly incredible arrangements regardless of whether you need to, just on the grounds that they aren’t accessible, the potential gain is that in 90% of the cases you don’t require them.

Working System

The subsequent negative as a rule referenced is the absence of a complex working framework like Windows and the way that ChromeOS just runs web applications. We truly feel that is good, web applications are considerably more lightweight and ordinarily run smoother than work area programs. Without a doubt, you will not have the option to run proficient grade programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro yet once more, 90% of the time you needn’t bother with them. I’ll get to those situations too later in this article.

Truth be told, in the course of the last year, our own personal ChromeOS video proofreader, Flixier has developed to help a ton of new highlights, including screen, camera, and amplifier recording, sound altering highlights, a lengthy library of movement designs, Twitch imports and even keyframe support! With so many video altering highlights promptly accessible on a Chromebook, it’s difficult to envision a situation where a YouTuber would require much else, particularly once you consider the amount more costly a video altering fit PC and something like Adobe Premiere Pro is.

Extra room

Another worry is extra room, and this is a legitimate one. Since Chromebooks are normally more financially plan situated or they have an Ultrabook styling they don’t pack a great deal of capacity. The greater part of them accompanies just 256 Gb of capacity. That is sufficient for most situations yet video altering is really intense. Ordinarily, video records are very huge and they are more diligently to deal with. Fortunately, there are answers for this issue too.

How to defeat impediments and transform any Chromebook into your YouTube supervisor?

One choice is to work with Android applications through the Play Store yet they aren’t that very much streamlined to be run with a mouse and console and you will immediately run into the presentation issues referenced previously.

The best option is to check out internet based video altering apparatuses. Fixer, for instance, is cloud-controlled and runs even on lower-fueled gadgets like Chromebooks. Stunningly better it runs faultlessly on ChromeOS being streamlined particularly for it.

With it you get a straightforward interface that is not difficult to learn, combined with cutting edge includes typically found in full work area programs like Adobe Premiere or Camtasia. You even have a completely highlighted timetable that gives you position components access to your video like a Pro. On account of cloud handling, render time, which is the time it takes to process and save the video after you complete it, requires just 1 or 2 minutes which is concealed even on very costly expert personal computers.

A program like Flixier will likewise assist you with capacity. It comes packaged with distributed storage where every one of your undertakings will reside. They are consistently accessible and you can even access them from different PCs with a solitary login. This work process is exceptionally normal on Chromebooks, this is the way they were worked to be utilized in any case.

Situations where Chromebooks simply don’t cut it

There are still a few situations where you will require an amazing PC that runs Windows or MacOS to alter video. Those truly come into thought assuming you need to deliver proficient level recordings for YouTube and shoot with proficient cameras.

These cameras come from makers like Red and Blackmagic to give some examples, in spite of the fact that it’s worth focusing on that Sony and Panasonic additionally produce some stuff in this classification. The records that they yield are for the most part tremendous, at times many gigabytes for a little while of film and they have exclusive codecs that you can’t work with on a Chromebook.

These are the 10% of utilization cases that I referenced above and we feel that in case you have the spending plan for a $10k camera then a Chromebook truly isn’t the best gadget for you to alter on. This is the place where a $50k Mac Pro would prove to be useful. 🙂

Anyway, would I be able to utilize Chromebooks for my YouTube channel all things considered?

Enormous YES, we certainly imagine that Chromebooks are modest, compact, adaptable gadgets that would permit you to keep up with and grow a YouTube channel without any issues.

The greater part of the present film comes from sources like cell phones, screen recording programming, webcams or reasonable camcorders, and mirrorless cameras. These sorts of recordings are regularly little and simple to store in the cloud, so a Chromebook video editorial manager will have no issues putting away it in the cloud. Furthermore, regardless of whether the recordings were to be greater and come in strange arrangements that a Chromebook commonly wouldn’t have the option to play locally, Flixier would naturally encode them to make them simple to see and alter on your Chromebook with basically no misfortune in video or sound quality.

At the point when we additionally count different elements like direct distributing to YouTube that requires seconds, a high level course of events, and progressed highlights like video accelerate/dial back and green screen we are certain that a Chromebook with the right video altering programming will supplement your YouTube channel pleasantly.

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