How to Escape Prison in BitLife

BitLife Simulator is turning into a famous game step by step. This is on the grounds that this life test system game includes a few scaled down games too.

Among every one of the little games in BitLife, the most astonishing one is the jailbreak. In this smaller-than-usual game, players are told to get away from the detainment facilities in BitLife. In the event that you have played this game as of now, you should realize that it is truly an obstacle to get away from detainment facilities in the game. To that end, we get many inquiries consistently in regard to how to get away from jail in BitLife.

Our BitLife How to Escape Prison Guide highlights guides and recordings for each jail format you’ll be facing in the game! We have cheat sheet maps for all of the jail formats in the game. In the event that you’re hoping to finish different strips, including Houdini and Jailbird, this post will assist you with finishing those effortlessly.

How to get away from each Prison in Bitlife

Getting away from jail in BitLife is really sort of troublesome, particularly on the off chance that you’re simply beginning. The way to get out is recorded in the game:

The main part concerning that will be that he will forever attempt to walk on a level plane first! In this way, we should utilize that for our potential benefit by closing off the cop against dividers in the jail. Regardless of whether the cop is straightforwardly underneath you, and you move to the right or left, he will forever move on a level plane first.

That implies assuming there’s a divider above him a while later, he can not contact you. In the event that you’re needing to finish these all alone, this angle is the thing you will be exploiting the most. On the off chance that you are battling with these, in any case, continue to peruse on the grounds that we have a cheat sheet for every one of the guide formats and a video showing how to finish them!

The way to getting away from all Prisons in Bitlife

To begin, when you endeavor to break out of jail, you will get one of the accompanying formats. These riddles can in some cases be reflected by them being flipped around evenly or in an upward direction. It will be a similar format, you’ll simply have to follow the means in light of the one you’ve gotten. Assuming you fizzle, you can generally push forward a year and attempt once more!

Map Legend

  • Star: Your beginning stage.
  • Bolt: Designates the course you should go by then of the line.

How to Escape from Prison in BitLife?

Follow the red way in the picture beneath and you ought to have the option to get away from this jail easily; the equivalent likewise applies to every one of our different pictures in this aide.

3 x 4 Map

This one is a tiny prison map so it is the easiest of all. Here’s how to escape:

5 x 7 Map (Two Maps)

In this map, the prison guard has three main corners to visit constantly. This map is a bit difficult from the previous one so be careful.

For the second 5 x 7 map, you have to be more careful because the guard will move horizontally first, after the horizontal move is finished then you can escape easily.

5 x 6 Map

This map is equipped with only four walls which means the prison guard has a lot of space to move, and the same goes for you.

5 x 5 Map

This map has a lot of right-angle walls making it look impossible to escape through this prison. Another hurdle is that the guard doesn’t move from his place so he will catch you every time.

7 x 4 Map

In this map the prison only has two U-Shaped walls and nothing else, making it quick for you to escape. There is a huge amount of space available so you won’t face any issues.

6 x 5 Map

In the 6 x 5 Map, the prison has three L-Shaped walls and two single walls leaving you with a lot of space.

6 x 6 Map

This map offers plenty of space but it is surrounded by a lot of walls making it easier for the guard to catch you.

5 x 4 Map

This map resembles the 3 x 4 Map and it is easy to escape.

3 x 5 Map

This map is an easy one, with only one wall. So it will be easy for you to escape from the prison.

4 x 4 Map

The 4 x 4 map has a single right angle where the guard is located but you can easily escape. There are a total of 3 4 x 4 maps,

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3

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