How to fix your NY Times-based Wordle if it isn’t working

As a genuinely energetic – while perhaps not extremely master – Wordle player, I wasn’t excited with the possibility that The New York Times was adding the word game to its quiver. However, I comprehended the reason why the Times would need it, and why the game’s maker would need not need to manage its surprising prevalence. So I hurled a moan, and was ready to keep on playing on the new site.

The day came: I tapped on the natural URL and saw in the location field. I intellectually shrugged and was ready for my morning fight with the English language.

What’s more – nothing.

A clear screen. No 404 notification, no “your web association is loused up” message – and particularly, no Wordle. Simply a clear screen.

Where’s my Wordle?

Disappointed, however reluctant to invest an excessive amount of energy attempting to sort it out, I disposed of the tab and attempted once more. No karma.

Was Wordle some way or another down? No – I had the option to get to it on my Pixel 6 telephone, on an undercover program, and on Safari (which I scarcely at any point use). Furthermore, no other individual here at The Verge appeared to be whining. So I put it down to an error and played on my telephone all things considered.

However, for the following two or three days, exactly the same thing continued to occur. It was like the destinies – or perhaps The Verge’s IT office – had proclaimed that I ought not to be playing word games on my work PC. In any case, this PC was the place where my past Wordle insights, as forlorn as they were, were kept. I was hopeless.

Until I at last rose from my melancholy, took a full breath and began looking for an answer. Lastly tracked down it in Reddit.

It turned out I wasn’t the one to focus on. There were other people who were observing that they abruptly couldn’t get to their morning Wordle fix. The issue?

They were New York Times endorsers.

It would appear, for at minimum a couple of us who really buy into the Times, Wordle disapproves of the treats that the paper leaves on our program. (Furthermore, it’s not simply Chrome – there were grievances from individuals utilizing Firefox and Safari.) The arrangement was to dispose of the multitude of treats the Times left on your program.

On the off chance that you’ve likewise been encountering this disappointing issue, this is the way to do that in Chrome. (Assuming that you utilize an alternate program, you ought to have the option to track down the arrangement by doing a speedy inquiry.)

  • Click on the three dabs in the upper right corner
  • Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Cookies and other site information > See all treats and site information
  • In the upper right will be an inquiry field. Type in “NYTimes”
  • Click on “Eliminate All Shown”

That ought to get it done. It did it for me – from that point forward, I went to the power language URL, clicked it, and ended up at my natural Wordle site (yet with the new NY Times address), alongside my details.

Also indeed, I can begin my mornings appreciating espresso, toast, and Wordle. Indeed, kind of getting a charge out of – I haven’t had the option to tackle the game in under four lines for about seven days now…

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