How to get Blocks of Raw Iron, Gold, and Copper in Minecraft

In the Caves and Cliffs update for Minecraft, we were acquainted with new things that are dropped while mining metal blocks of Gold, Copper, and Iron. This new thing is called Raw Ore, and it works similarly that mining Diamonds works; rather than dropping mineral blocks as a thing, mining metal blocks make it drop their particular assets. This new thing likewise brought new block types called Block of Raw Gold, Block of Raw Iron, and Block of Raw Copper. In the aide underneath, we clear up how for get them.

Crude Ore blocks of any sort are just realistic by means of making, orders, or Creative. We should initially go over how to make them.


The accompanying pictures and portrayals show you the making recipes for every Raw Ore block.

  • Crude Iron Ore Block in Minecraft.
  • 9 x Raw Iron Ore
  • Crude Gold Ore block in Minecraft.9 x Raw Gold Ore

Each Block of Raw Ore can be created by taking nine Raw Ore of their separate assets, and setting them in each space. This should be done at a Crafting Table. This is the best way to get one of these blocks in Survival Mode.


Blocks of Raw Ore can likewise be provided through orders on a Command Block or in the talk by players with regulatory honors in a game. Here are the orders to give players one of these blocks.


This applies to just the Java rendition of Minecraft on Windows PCs.

/give PlayerName minecraft:raw_gold_block/give PlayerName minecraft:raw_iron_block/give PlayerName minecraft:raw_copper_block

This applies to all Bedrock variants, like Minecraft for Windows 10, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

/give “PlayerName” raw_gold_block/give “PlayerName” raw_iron_block/give “PlayerName” raw_copper_block

In the Bedrock rendition of Minecraft, Blocks of Raw Ore can be tracked down in the Construction Tab of the Creative Inventory. In the Java adaptation of Minecraft, they can be found in the Building Blocks Tab of the Creative Inventory.

That is everything to be aware of how to get Raw Ore blocks in Minecraft! Ideally, you’ve saved some space in your Chests!

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