How to get Calcite in Minecraft

On the off chance that you are attempting to discover some calcite in Minecraft, you should initially find an amethyst geode. These are huge stone layers that most quite hold amethyst shards, a fundamental asset for making spy glasses and colored glass blocks.

All things considered, you can find amethyst geodes bringing forth after Y=70 underground and around bedrock levels. You can likewise find the geodes generating every so often on the overworld, uncovered both in seashores and submerged.

Geodes will likewise have an external layer of smooth basalt. Past the smooth basalt is where you can find calcite not long before you get to the amethyst layer. If you have any desire to mine calcite, you should have basically a wooden pick or higher.

When you got the calcite, that will be all you have to do, however, how might you at any point try and manage calcite in Minecraft? Indeed, strangely not much, as it appears there is no reasonable use past involving it as a block in your different structure manifestations in the game.

So we sincerely don’t prescribe going to a problem getting it except if you are likewise after the shards you can track down in geodes.

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