How to get Player Heads in Minecraft

Player Heads are a huge superficial point of interest thing in Minecraft that can be shown like prizes, to trick your companions, or utilized in a few truly imaginative and remarkable ways. In any case, how precisely do you get Player Heads in Minecraft?

Sadly, it’s basically impossible to get heads in Minecraft honestly without in-game orders or cheats. Notwithstanding, assuming you have Cheats enabled in the settings of your Minecraft world, you can in any case get player heads.

In the first place, open up the order line with the/key. Then, at that point, type the order/give PlayerName minecraft:player_head{SkullOwner:PlayerName}. The components in Bold ought to be supplanted with the player you need to give the head to and the head you need to recreate.

PlayerName ought to constantly be supplanted with a player’s name.

SkullOwner ought to be supplanted with either a player’s name, or a hordes’ name. The potential hordes are the Skeleton, the Wither Skeleton, Zombie, Creeper, Dragon, or moreover Player, for a nonexclusive player head. The Dragon order brings forth an Elder Dragon head, which is an interesting drop from The End.

Some Player Heads and Mob Heads can be utilized in creating recipes. For example, you can make crowd molded firecrackers with Mob Heads, Dye, and Gunpowder.

Some Mob Heads can likewise make one of a kind pennants. Paper and a Wither Skeleton Head will make a Skull and Crossbones flag. Paper and a Creeper Head will make a Creeper Face.

At last, Player and Mob Heads can be given two Enchantments: The Curse of Binding and the Curse of Vanishing.

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