How to get Sponges in Minecraft

Wipes in Minecraft are a generally intriguing thing that can’t be cultivated through ordinary means and are normally acquired from players searching them out. Along these lines, numerous players need to know every one of the various strategies for acquiring them, as they can be exceptionally helpful in the event that you own them. In the aide underneath, we make sense of the relative multitude of various ways to get Sponges in the game.

Crowd Loot

Senior Guardians are the possibly Mob to drop wipes when they’re killed. Three Elder Guardians bring forth in each Ocean Monument, and they can be challenging to kill in the event that a player isn’t ready. Every Elder Guardian drops precisely one Wet Sponge when it’s killed, and this sum isn’t impacted by the Looting Enchantment. In light of the degree of trouble in killing Elder Guardians and the restricted measure of Sponges they drop, this isn’t viewed as the most effective way to get Sponges.

World Generation

By and large, the most ideal way to get wipes is from the regular world age. Each Ocean Monument gets an opportunity to produce a Sponge Room that houses around 30 Wet Sponges. This is the quickest normal method for getting Sponges, however, most players will in any case get wipes from Elder Guardians first since they are typically inside short proximity of these Sponge Rooms and will focus on any players that run into the ways. Not all Ocean Monuments create Sponge Rooms. In the event that you arrive at one and can’t find a Sponge Room, you can in any case get wipes from that Ocean Monument by killing the Elder Guardians.

Innovative and Commands

Beyond Survival, Sponges can be gotten through the Creative Inventory and Commands. In the Creative Inventory, Sponges can be found in the tab for Natural Blocks in Bedrock Edition or in the Building Blocks tab in Java Edition. The orders to give a player a Sponge Block should be visible underneath.


/give [PlayerName] minecraft:sponge [amount]


/give "PlayerName" sponge [amount]

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