How to get the Anniversary Cape in Minecraft Dungeons

To get the Anniversary Cape in Minecraft Dungeons, you should finish Seasonal Trials when the occasion goes live on May 25, 2022. Whenever the occasion is live, you should finish a few Seasonal preliminaries. Complete enough of these Seasonal Trials, and you will acquire the Anniversary Cape as an award. All things considered, you will have between May 25 and June 15 to acquire the Anniversary Cape as a feature of Minecraft Dungeon’s second-commemoration occasion.

How to prepare the Anniversary Cape in Minecraft Dungeons

When you procure the cape, you can prepare the cape by going into your stock in-game. While Inside your stock, you can find and prepare the cape under Cosmetics. Subsequent to preparing the Anniversary Cape, it will show up on your personality in Minecraft Dungeons.

What are Seasonal Trials in Minecraft Dungeons?

Occasional Trials are extraordinary missions in Minecraft Dungeons that offer different prizes. The prizes you can acquire range from weapons to different beauty care products from occasions. If you have any desire to finish Seasonal Trials, you should visit the guide in the game.

You will then, at that point, need to choose the Mainland Dimension area inside the guide. When at the Mainland, search for purple Seasonal Mission symbols, and complete them like normal missions. Doing so will acquire you Seasonal Trials, and contingent upon the expected sum (normally seven), you should finish that complete of Seasonal Missions.

Nonetheless, Seasonal Missions will have extraordinary modifiers connected to the mission. These modifiers will incorporate wearing explicit hardware or having a specific charm prepared. You can likewise finish numerous Seasonal Trials by finishing two Seasonal Missions for every trouble mode. So, every one of the accompanying challenges in Minecraft Dungeons will have two Seasonal Trials Missions for each trouble mode.

  • End times (Hard)
  • Experience (Normal)
  • Default (Easy)

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