How to get the Music Disc Otherside in Minecraft

With each new adaptation of Minecraft, numerous players are eager to check whether there are any new music circles added to the game. This is an interesting event, so it is nothing to joke about when it works out. Minecraft 1.18 incorporates a huge load of new music, yet just a single new music circle can be played in the game: Otherside.

How to get Otherside


Otherside is an exceptional music circle since it isn’t acquired similarly as different plates in Survival. For this plate, you will track down it as exceptionally interesting plunder in Stronghold Altar Chests and Dungeon Chests.

As per the authority Minecraft Wiki, there is a 2.5 percent opportunity for a Stronghold Altar Chest to contain the music circle. For Dungeon Chests, there is a 3.1 percent opportunity for it to generate. Prisons produce definitely more often than Strongholds, so it’s ideal to search for those assuming you’re searching for the plate.


In Creative, you can observe the Otherside music plate with different circles in the Miscellaneous tab of the imaginative stock. Then again, you can enter the accompanying order in the text menu to concede the plate to yourself or different players.


/give PlayerName minecraft:music_disc_otherside


/give "PlayerName" music_disc_otherside

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