How to get the Neutron Cannon weapon in No Man’s Sky

Hello Games keeps putting out free updates for space sandbox No Man’s Sky almost six years after it was sent off, and the principal fix of 2022 bases on those annoying planetary gatekeepers: the sentinels. Awful news: there’s a huge, mean sentinel now and it has many ways of making your planet-bouncing undertakings a horrific experience. Uplifting news: you have a great deal of better approaches to battle it, and a few cool prizes when you beat it and strip it for parts.

Battle in No Man’s Sky has never been especially intricate, for the most part reducing to a lot of seat laser fights, however, the new Sentinel update intends to change that.

“Battle has been fundamentally improved to make a quicker paced, more shifted and dynamic experience,” makes proper acquaintance Games. “Changes incorporate changes to camera settings, Sentinel wellbeing, Traveler and Sentinel weapon rates, and shoot rates, hit markers, thunder and camera shake, and the sky is the limit from there.”

The Neutron Cannon is a weapon that was added to No Man’s Sky with the Sentinels Update. It’s an accused energy weapon of fast shoot shots, permitting clients to bargain a great deal of harm in a short space of time from any distance. This guide discloses how to get your hands on the Neutron Cannon, so you can begin destroying the nearby Sentinel populace.

How to get the Neutron Cannon outline

You can observe the Neutron Cannon plan in The Anomaly. You really want to visit the Multi-Tool Upgrades seller, situated in the commercial center, to one side as you advance up to Nada and Polo. This merchant is on the right-hand side and offers plenty of redesigns. You’ll see the Neutron Cannon outline on the subsequent layer and should pay 250 Nanites to get it. To create this update for your Multi-Tool, you’ll require a Magnetic Resonator, 95 Magnetized Ferrite, and 1 Wiring Loom.

How to get the P-Field Compressor redesign for the Neutron Cannon

When you have the Neutron Cannon, you can secure the P-Field Compressor redesign. This is a strong overhaul that significantly expands its working power, permitting you to shoot shots at a considerably quicker rate. You can get the diagram from a similar merchant in The Anomaly for 180 Nanites. To create it, you want 120 Gold, 3 Microprocessors, and 1 Wiring Loom.

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