How to get Visa Gift Cards for Free [Method 2022]

A free Visa Gift Cards is apparently probably the most ideal way to be compensated for taking internet based studies, as it tends to be enjoyed with basically any on the web or disconnected retailer. All things considered, in 2021 and then some, there are outstandingly couple of retailers who don’t acknowledge Visa installments. Indeed, this kind of card is frequently alluded to as a “Visa Gift Cards”, on account of its universality.

For sure, the all inclusive nature of this award implies it’s undeniably bound to be valuable to you than a gift card with a particular retailer. Skirt ahead to observe overview destinations offering Visa Gift Cards.

The issue is: not all paid overview sites offer a free Visa gift card as a compensation to its individuals.

All things being equal, they may just offer gift vouchers with explicit retailers, or maybe online installments through PayPal. It very well may be contended that neither of these installments strategies are as advantageous.

We have consequently gone to the difficulty of posting the most well known paid review sites that do offer free Visa gift cards. Our aide comes total with directions on the most proficient method to guarantee your gift voucher from each study site.

What is a Visa Gift Cards?

A Visa gift card is basically a pre-loaded check card, which is beaten up by the buyer and shipped off the beneficiary. The offset can be enjoyed with any of the large numbers of retailers that acknowledge Visa. Notwithstanding, you can’t utilize it to pull out cash at an ATM.

The card can’t be topped up a subsequent time, as customary pre-loaded cards can, so you should discard it once the equilibrium has been spent.

With some paid overview sites, you might be offered the chance to guarantee a ‘virtual’ Visa gift card as opposed to having an actual plastic card sent to you. A ‘virtual’ card is shipped off you by email and can be utilized to finance online installments.

The significant benefit of a Visa gift cards is that you’ll get it in a flash, rather than hanging tight for it in the post. A key impediment is that it can’t be utilized in the disconnected world.

Where you can get free Visa Gift Cards

You can consider the accompanying paid study sites among the best to utilize on the off chance that you’re hoping to get your hands on a free Visa Gift Cards.

On every one of them, you ought to have the option to guarantee a gift voucher with little issue and in a sensible measure of time.

You can find a bigger scope of sites offering free Visa gift vouchers utilizing SurveyPolice Pick-a-Perk. This instrument permits you to look for your ideal internet based paid overview webpage, utilizing a scope of channels to choose what highlights you’d like it to have.


Tellwut means ‘let us know what you think’ and it offers a lot of paid reviews that permit clients to do exactly that. It’s accessible for those living in North America as it were.

Prizes and Payment Types: You can browse a wide scope of installment strategies, including the choice to be sent a free Visa gift voucher, or a Mastercard in the event that you like. The income limit for this choice is $25.

Qualification: A many individuals partake in the novel local area part of Tellwut, despite the fact that it has over 800k clients. Large numbers of the overviews are made by its individuals, and you are given the choice to visit with different individuals in the remarks segment of studies. Individuals from the USA and Canada are free to join the site.

Marked Surveys

Marked Surveys is a smooth paid study site and all that it offers works without a hitch. It reliably presents a great measure of new reviews, and compensates its individuals fairly for the time spent on them.

Prizes and Payment Types: There is a huge scope of installment strategies accessible, including the choice to get free Visa gift vouchers. Additionally one of only a handful of exceptional review sites will send you cash through bank move, on the off chance that you like.

Changing Out: You just need to procure $10 worth of remunerations focuses to be qualified to reclaim for a gift voucher or money. All installment claims are handled in 1-2 work days, which is a great deal faster than a portion of its rivals.


With OneOpinion, you can take an interest in both paid reviews and item testing to procure free Visa Cards. Like PointClub, you’ll need to have basically $25 worth of income in your record to demand a prize, however particularly in the event that you’re chosen for an item test, it shouldn’t take excessively long to accomplish this.

Prizes and Payment Types: OneOpinion has been around for quite a while and its alluring site settles on it a famous decision among overview takers. Turning into an individual from the site takes (in a real sense) one little while and new studies are presented on the stage consistently.

You can likewise decide to be paid by PayPal, or to get an e-gift vouchers to Amazon.

Qualification: OneOpinion is available to US inhabitants as it were.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research will in general just proposition extended studies – each taking around 15-20 minutes to finish – however you’re repaid reasonably for your time. It’s an incredible decision of site in the event that you’re hoping to devote genuine time and make an outstanding measure of cash by finishing up web-based reviews. You can hope to acquire somewhere in the range of $3 and $5 per finished review.

The site was made by Nielsen, one of the world’s most legitimate statistical surveying organizations, so you can anticipate that your experience as a member should run as expected. They’ve been a top choice of SurveyPolice commentators for a long time.

Prizes and Payment Types: What’s more, there are no base income limits for reclaiming your prizes. At whatever point you want to guarantee your free Visa gift voucher, present your solicitation, and you’ll have the option to.

Other accessible installment techniques incorporate money installments through bank move, individual retailer gift vouchers including Amazon and Walmart, or even a check conveyed to your home.

Qualification: A typical protest about Pinecone Research encompasses its eliteness. It’s one of the more troublesome paid overview sites to be acknowledged for. In the wake of finishing up the application structure, you’ll face a hold on to see whether you’re acknowledged. The aftereffects of your application will rely upon interest for new individuals in your segment, which fluctuate month to month. Applications are acknowledged from the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany.

Board Champ

Board Champ is accessible to clients across the globe, and can possibly be one of the world’s most rewarding paid overview sites for clients who take their profoundly pined for music review.

It has a wide scope of overviews for individuals to finish. This incorporates music reviews, which clients are paid especially liberally to reply. You can acquire up to $90 finishing these studies, in spite of the fact that you’ll need to move quickly in light of the fact that (as you’d expect) the interest to participate is high.

Prizes and Payment Types: You can be paid through PayPal, check or Tango cards, Amazon or vouchers, just as free Visa gift vouchers.

Qualification: Panel Champ invites individuals from around the world to visit their site and join their board.


You’ll need to acquire basically $25 worth of remunerations to be qualified to get a free Visa gift voucher from PointClub, and this is one of the greatest income limits on our rundown.

Prizes and Payment Types: PointClub must be remembered it for our rundown of the most ideal choices for you, generally on the grounds that it offers such countless freedoms to procure rewards. Where some paid study sites will quite often be restricted with regards to new reviews, PointClub will in general be stacked with them consistently. This site rewards you decently for your time, and you’ll even get a $5 reward only for joining. It’s a simple stage to explore and you ought to have the option to come to the $25 without breaking a sweat.

On the off chance that you like to be paid through PayPal or by means of a gift voucher with a singular retailer, these choices are likewise accessible.

Qualification: PointClub invites applications from individuals across the world, yet clients in the USA will have the most chances to be qualified for new studies and have the most accomplishment with the program.

Searching for Visa Gift Cards in the UK?

English flagIf you’re searching for a free Visa gift voucher UK, this is your lucky day! The greater part of the overview suppliers recorded above offer free participation to individuals living in the UK. These include:

Searching for a moment virtual Visa Gift Cards?

Assuming you might want to get a virtual Visa gift voucher quickly, PrizeRebel merits considering. It’s a site where you can procure focuses for doing overviews, finishing miniature jobs, watching recordings and contributing free codes posted via online media. You can acquire virtual Visa cards on their site in categories of $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100.

Gold individuals (the people who have procured at complete of at minimum $45 on the stage) accept their prizes immediately subsequent to mentioning them. Handling times for different clients is still exceptionally quick, and is regularly inside 24 hours.

Shouldn’t something be said about Mastercard Gift Cards?

There is practically no contrast among Visa and Mastercard gift vouchers. Visa actually processes more exchanges yearly, and each organization utilizes their own individual installment organizations, however as a customer, there truly are no way to see a distinctions. A tiny level of retailers may just acknowledge one sort of gift voucher over another, in any case, as a rule, retailers who acknowledge Visa will generally acknowledge Mastercard, as well as the other way around.

Overview destinations who uncommonly offer Mastercard gift vouchers include: Univox Community, PrizeRebel, Tellwut, and Clear Voice Surveys.

To summarize it…

The omnipresence of Visa makes a Visa gift voucher quite possibly the most advantageous installment method presented by paid review sites – and there are a lot of extraordinary sites that will pay you along these lines.

Also, there’s little preventing you from applying to be an individual from this large number of sites, and bringing in cash towards your Visa gift vouchers at a faster rate.

Need considerably more? Get the total rundown of destinations that proposition Visa card installments, by tapping the button beneath.

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