How to Get XP Fast in Fortnite

There are a few methods that will help you get a lot of XP fast in Fortnite. You can earn XP through playing, getting kills, or exploring the island. Alternatively, you can follow some Fortnite game guides or get title update information so you know when to expect more XP from your favorite games.

Weekly quests

To maximize your Fortnite experience, you can take part in weekly quests. These quests will earn you XP on completion. While they may not give you the highest XP gains in the game, over time they can add up to a significant amount of experience points. You can choose to have up to three active quests at one time, and they will replenish at a daily rate.

Weekly quests can be completed by playing the game normally, without using any special weapons or consumables. They are usually easy to complete and you do not need to do them in specific locations. They also do not require too much leveling. You can do them in different locations across the island. However, you should avoid quests that require you to use consumable items that can reduce your shield. If you do need to use a shield, it is recommended that you use the Shield Keg.

Another way to get a large amount of XP is to complete daily or weekly milestones. These are much easier to complete than weekly challenges. Moreover, they can be stacked up until the end of the season. This will give you plenty of time to accomplish the milestones and to maximize your XP.

You can also do daily quests to get Supercharged XP. These quests can help you catch up on levels. You can get up to 300,000 XP if you complete them regularly. The XP bar will display Supercharged XP as orange instead of purple.

In addition to weekly quests, you can earn free XP by spending time in Creative mode. The Creative Playtime reward currently yields 12,000 XP. It is possible to get up to five Creative Playtime rewards per day. However, the rewards reset the same way as the Daily Quests.

You can also level up your Battle Pass by doing weekly quests. These are the easiest way to get a large amount of XP. Weekly quests take more time than daily quests, but they are easier than Dailies and are often more skill-intensive.


There are several methods to get more XP in Fortnite. One of them is scavenging. Scavenging is a form of gathering resources for your characters. However, there are also many disadvantages to scavenging. It will consume your time.

Another way to get more XP is to spend a lot of time in the Creative mode. By doing so, you can earn free XP. Currently, you can earn up to 12,000 XP for Creative Playtime. It is possible to earn as many as five Creative Playtime rewards each day. However, you have to be careful because some Accolades give higher rewards than others.

This is another effective method for fast XP in Fortnite. If you scavenge properly, you can get a lot of XP in a short period of time. By doing this, you will be able to unlock new Battle Pass cosmetics and a secret skin called The Herald. By leveling up quickly, you will be able to unlock all the cosmetics and weapons in the Battle Pass.

Besides scavenging, you can also complete weekly quests to earn XP. Each week, the game releases seven new weekly quests that will reward you with a bonus amount of XP. You can view the weekly quest list here. Daily Quests are also important and refresh every day at 6 AM PT, 9 AM ET, 2 PM BST. They are quick and easy to complete.

Party Assist

Having a group of friends is one of the easiest ways to get XP fast in Fortnite. By working together, you can complete quests faster and contribute to challenges. You can also turn on Party Assist to share your progress with others.

You should always try to get XP in every match to level up. The best way to do this is to participate in a match with other players. XP is earned based on in-game performance and stats, so the more you play, the higher you will level. You can also get XP from challenges and medals. Look for them in the pause screen or lobby menu.

One way to get XP fast in Fortnite is to support a creator or large object. These objects teleport players to a different room and give them XP. Using wooden boxes also gives you AFK XP.

Another way to get XP fast is by completing daily tasks in Fortnite. Each task you complete awards you with XP that is multiplied by the number of players killed by the task. This is an especially effective way to level up fast in Fortnite as it allows your group of friends to get a lot of XP from completing a task. Moreover, you can also perform weekly challenges and get XP through them. Fortnite weekly challenges have been revamped in Season 8 to incorporate more interaction with NPCs.

XP is an important aspect of Fortnite and you need to earn it fast to unlock the higher tiers. To do so, you need to plan ahead. Aside from completing challenges, you should also use Creative Mode to earn free XP. Every fifteen minutes spent in Creative mode will earn you 12,000 XP. You can collect up to five of these rewards per day. But, keep in mind that some Creative mode experiences require you to complete specific achievements to get XP.

Leveling up in Fortnite is not as difficult as it looks. There are a lot of quests available in the game. One of them is to kill enemies. This can be a good way to level up quickly. It is also important to keep in mind Daily Quests. These quests can help you level up faster than you thought possible.

XP glitches

Leveling up in Fortnite can be very difficult and time-consuming. For those who want to level up quickly, there are a few tricks that you can use to get XP fast. One of these is to play in Creative mode, where you will be able to earn XP by completing achievements.

Another way to get XP fast is to complete the weekly Fortnite quests. These quests will refresh once a week, and they don’t take much time at all. You can even use YouTube to watch tutorials on how to complete them. The key is to be consistent and you’ll soon see huge amounts of XP.

Another way to get XP fast is to watch for double XP events. Double XP events occur at certain times of the season, and you can take advantage of them to gain more XP. You can even get double XP by playing certain modes.

Besides completing the weekly challenges, you can also get XP from repeatable tasks. These are not Punchcard Quests, but are simple tasks that you can do over again for massive amounts of XP. You can even unlock Mythic Sideways Weapons by completing repeatable quests!

In order to level up in Fortnite and unlock the Battle Pass, you need to earn XP fast. By planning out your game plan ahead of time, you can complete daily quests or party bonuses to get XP fast. You can even try XP farming on the Creative maps to earn XP for free.

Another method for leveling up is to explore the island. Creative Playtime rewards you with 12,000 XP. You can do this up to 5 times a day. But remember, this method only works if you’re playing Creative mode. It will also reset the Daily Quests as it does.

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