How to give Detention in Roblox High School

Roblox High School is the school where the primary classes and exercises are held at. There, you can partake in exercises and classes which grant credits dependent on the accomplished grade of and cooperation in classes. It is additionally where the School Basement is found.

Special codes are selective codes given out by Cindering on Twitter or the game’s Discord server for occasions comparable to the Roblox game. When recovered, they will regularly compensate something for in-game use, like credits or jewels.

Classes and Activities

These are largely the classes and exercises which you can do in school. Doing these exercises will compensate you with credits for support and grade.

ArtA class involving you trying to match the drawing as fast as possibleYou will be placed in a stool and tasked with drawing. You must match the drawing on the left side as fast as possible. 1 click = Red, 2 clicks = Green, and 3 clicks = Blue. You must match the drawing by clicking a certain amount of times in a square to match the square in the drawing your matching.
CookingA class involving you creating recipes by finding the ingredients that you need.Look at the top left of your screen to take a look at what you need and press “E” near the ingredient on the shelves to grab it. Then bring it to your cauldron (Black Bowl)
DanceA class involving you trying to press buttons at the right time as the images.You will be tasked of pressing the buttons Q,W,E,R. And the images will start to go to the bottom. You must tap your keyboard to the matching collumn and tap it at the right time to register a hit to the images. The more you hit notes, the more points you get.
MathA class involving you calculating different math questionsYou will be given an “answer calculator” and a math question left of it. You need to answer the math question using the calculator by pressing the number and pressing >>
LunchActivity involving you eating.At the right side of the cafeteria, there will be 3 people, each having a personality. There, you can talk with them and buy some food for you to eat.
Physical Education (P.E)A class involving a team trying to dodge waves of balls while trying to hit the enemy team.You will be placed in a team of either Red or Blue. The first round is where you try to eliminate the enemy team. Once you are eliminated, you cannot respawn. The second round is to try to hit the enemy team as much as possible. In this round, you can respawn. You can also grab multiple dodge balls for you to send a wave of balls.
Science & EngineeringA class involving a team where they try to grab more parts than the other team.You will be placed in a team and a timer starts counting down. Once the timer counts down, parts will start spawning. You need to grab as many parts as possible for your team. Grey parts = 5 points, Blue parts = 10 points, and Yellow parts = 20 points. Your team must have more points than the other team to win.
Fire DrillAn activity involving you trying to get out of the school through a fire exit within 1 minuteA text will indicate that a fire drill has been started and a timer will start. You must find an exit before the timer runs out.



The Layout of areas outside the school is the running tracks and the soccer field on the left half of the school. A parking area of vehicles at the front of the school. The primary shops left of the school. What’s more the skate park at the rear of the school.


Within are the classes and exercises of which the game revolves around. These areas are as per the following:

Main LobbyA lobby at the main entrance with benches on the middle. This location can access most of the building by connecting stairs and hallways.
Nurse’s OfficeAn office at the left side of the main lobby dedicated to treating injured students/
Front OfficeAn office where Cindering greets you and you can ask him questions. This is also where the principal’s office is.
AuditoriumA location that is right of the main lobby that has seats and a stage
Main HallwayWhere the School Spirit, Cafeteria, and Science Classes are.
School SpiritA room where you can buy School Spirit clothes
CafeteriaA room where students order from the lunch ladies and eat. It has lunch tables, a sevice station, and a serving station with the lunch ladies.
CookingA class room where the Cooking Classes take place. It has shelves and cauldrons
ScienceA classroom where the Science & Engineering classes take place. A generic classroom with desks, shelves, counters, and a sink in the teacher’s desk.
Lobby 2A lobby where the Pool, School Basement, and Hallway 2 are connected.
PoolA room where the swimming pool can be found. Has water, diving boards, changing rooms, and a lifeguard stool.
School Basement EntranceAn entrance located at the right side of Lobby 2 where stairs lead up to a locked door.

List of codes

GRANDOPENINGGame notification100 GemsExpired
SpecialDayTwitter, Discord250 CreditsExpired
RHS2adRoblox advertisement250 CreditsAvailable
HappyNewYearTwitter, Discord219 CreditsExpired
NewBeginningTwitter, Discord250 CreditsExpired
OnTheGrindTwitter, Discord2-hour Job Credits boostExpired
StarOfTheShowTwitter, Group500 CreditsExpired
BeautyOfArtTwitter, Discord500 CreditsExpired
Discord20kDiscord100 GemsExpired
NEWCARSDiscord500 CreditsExpired
CUSTOMIDSDiscord600 CreditsExpired
SUPERSTARDiscord777 CreditsExpired
MACANDCHEESEDAYDiscordMystic Max and CheeseExpired
GRADUATIONTwitter, Discord1000 CreditsActive

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