How to Install Minecraft OptiFine for 1.18 (2022)

OptiFine has been around for quite a long time as the essential method for making Minecraft look astounding and sensible rather than blocky. It adds better usefulness to the manner in which the game renders, which considers better surface packs and shaders.

How to Install Minecraft OptiFine

OptiFine is an outsider programming separate from the center Minecraft game. This implies you could see admonitions or warnings that listen for a minute you’re downloading probably won’t be protected. Have confidence, OptiFine is protected, and we’re driving you to one side downloads.

Stage One: Download and Install Java

The main thing you really want to be aware of introducing OptiFine is that to open it, you’ll need to introduce Java. A great many people as of now have it, however assuming that your PC is new, there is a decent opportunity you don’t. You can download and introduce it utilizing the accompanying connection: Download Java for Windows.

The most effective method to download JAva.

Click the large red button on that page to download and introduce it. In the event that your internet browser cautions you against documents like this, you can select to keep it; it’s a protected record.

Stage Two: Download OptiFine

The following stage is to download OptiFine. You can find the download for OptiFine utilizing the accompanying connection: OptiFine Downloads. We suggest downloading the most recent rendition. Nonetheless, assuming you play with an alternate adaptation of Minecraft, click the connection on that page that says Show All Versions, and track down the one for your rendition of Minecraft.

Step by step instructions to download Optifine.

Whenever you have found the variant of OptiFine that is for your Minecraft form, click the button opposite it that says Download. After you click the download button, you will be brought to an advertisement page. Following a couple of moments, click Skip on the advertisement page to be taken to the right download page.

On this new page, click the button that says Download once more. Your internet browser might recommend that this sort of record is dangerous. You can ignore that — this is the right connection, and this document is protected. Simply be certain you tapped the right button.

Stage Three: Install OptiFine

This is the part that makes it important to have first introduced Java, as it will not permit you to play out this progression on the off chance that you didn’t do that. Go to your downloads catalog where you downloaded OptiFine (default is C:/Users/YourName/Downloads). You will see a .container document recorded.

Introducing OptiFine.

Double tap the OptiFine .container record that you downloaded to make it spring up another window to introduce OptiFine. Note: If you didn’t initially introduce Java, this won’t work. On the off chance that you didn’t do this, return to stage one in this manual for introduce, then attempt to open the .container record once more.

Click the Install button on this new window. OptiFine will introduce itself, without the need of setting it up in the launcher.

Stage Four: Play With OptiFine

Now that it is introduced, open the Minecraft Launcher. At the point when you open it, you will find in the tabs on the top, there is a tab named Installations. Explore to this tab.

Optifine in the variant rundown for the launcher.

Select the variant of OptiFine that you just introduced from the rundown, then select Play. You will be shown an admonition from the game that this is an outsider variant and that they can’t promise it has all the wellbeing highlights Minecraft at present has introduced. Once more, OptiFine is protected, so playing it in this variant won’t cause any damage to your PC.

Starting there, you have OptiFine set up, and you can utilize it to introduce different surface packs and shaders to make your game look astonishing! You’ll probably likewise encounter a higher edge rate and better execution when you increment the video settings.

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