How to Make a Blue Shield in Minecraft?

To make a safeguard into a blue safeguard in Minecraft, you should get a safeguard and a blue standard.

Take both the safeguard and the blue shield and spot them as displayed underneath inside a making table. Doing so will make a typical safeguard in Minecraft into a blue safeguard.

In any case, before you can do this course of transforming typical safeguards into blue ones, you will initially have to make all that is expected for the recipe.

Begin with a social event with the materials expected for the safeguard. You will require something like five wooden boards and one iron ingot to make a safeguard.

To get wooden boards, you should cleave down different trees and afterward place the typical wood blocks you get inside a creating table.

For different assets you really want, iron ingots, you should get iron mineral and afterward liquefy it down inside a heater. At the point when you are done, you ought to have somewhere around five wooden boards and one iron ingot. Place them as displayed underneath to make a safeguard in the game.

To make a blue pennant, you will require one stick and six blue fleece. You can get both blue fleece and sticks by transforming typical fleece into blue fleece utilizing blue color and making sticks from wooden boards.

Place everything in the table displayed beneath to make a blue standard in Minecraft when you have everything.

After you wrap up making the flag, take both the safeguard and the blue pennant, and follow the recipe toward the beginning of this manual for making a blue safeguard in Minecraft.

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