How to Play Boris Ursus in Total War: Warhammer 3 – All Quests, Abilities, Unique Units, and More

Need to add Total War: Warhammer 3’s Boris Ursus to your mission? Very much like the Daemon Prince, this popular Tsar of Kislev arose as a mysterious incredible ruler for the group. He’s not the only one that you can enroll as Katarin or Kostatlyn, however has his own completely fledged mission with a cool beginning position.

Assuming you need a master that starts far away from the finesse politicking of Kislev’s homeland, Boris Ursus is great, and because of his upkeep decrease, he can run a completely fledged ursine doomstack. What better way is there to attempt to save the divine force of bears?

In this Total War: Warhammer 3 Boris Ursus guide, I’ll walk you through how to open and finish the “Frozen Falls” journey fight and get Kislev’s third unbelievable master for the mission.

How to Play Boris Ursus in Total War: Warhammer 3

Boris Ursus comes to assume responsibility for Kislev by and by, subsequent to being saved from a frosty jail by Tzarina Katarin. However this extraordinary recovery doesn’t really mean Kislev is brought together, and the rampart of the north stands prepared to fight off the powers of Chaos.

All things considered, Boris Ursus starts south in Greenskin nation, and he should battle his direction back to the Motherland. Beginning in Fort Dorznye-Vort, a minor settlement inside the Zorn Uzkul area, which can be secured inside ten turns. Watch for the Skaven taking Uzkulany: it’s a basic fight assuming you leave the commonplace capital for last, albeit that procedure implies you’ll have to pronounce war.

Invest some energy to invigorate Zorn Uzkul, then, at that point, set your sights north to safeguard The Old World from the approaching Chaos. On the other hand, point south and invest some energy against the Greenskins as a range chemical.

Boris Ursun is challenging to open if for only then a disappointing mission fight that should be finished by Katarin. Once opened, in any case, he turns into a flat out satisfaction to play because of buffs to settling and group wide development.


Boris Ursun doesn’t start with any journeys – missions will be given just like the standard, and a weapon and protective layer is given out at levels 7 and 10, separately.


Boris Ursun is a legend inside the Warhammer universe, and understandably. With innate capacities, for example, Resttel,er which expands development across all regions and postpones all resettling expenses, Boris Usrun is a characteristic realm manufacturer. Try not to be excessively worried about extending yourself slightly, as development is enormously expanded for Boris.

At rank 11, the amazing mount Urskin opens up which offers an extra 1,300 HP with a +60 to weapon strength, on top of what Boris Ursus as of now has prepared. At rank 20, Boris accesses an expertise Khan-King, which offers a connection reward with Kislev-groups. Whenever this is achieved, traveling north should be vital trying to confederate.

Unique Units

While Boris Ursus doesn’t approach interesting units, he has open access that permits Elemental Bears to recover HP during fights. While this welcomes a fire shortcoming, the general capacity for the most elevated HP units for the Kislev group to recover is a simple buff to take, when it’s free.

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