How to Recover a Minecraft World

Assuming you erased your Minecraft world, you pretty much can not recuperate your game world. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are on PC, there is one manner by which you can recuperate lost or erased Minecraft universes.

However, before we start, this strategy will possibly work in the event that you erased the game physically and haven’t cleared your reuse container in your work area. In different cases, your reality is long gone, and there won’t be a method for reestablishing it.

Nonetheless, assuming the previous is what is happening, you can reestablish your Minecraft world by finding the game’s save envelope in the area on your pc recorded underneath.


In the event that you don’t see this envelope, you might have to unhide the organizer. To unhide the organizer, basically, click your client envelope and afterward the tab that expresses view over the work area search address.

After this, find the choice to the right that says stowed away choices and actually take a look at it. You can likewise utilize the accompanying strides to find the AppData organizer.

  • Hold down both the windows and R key on your console
  • Duplicate glue %appdata% into the tab that will show up
  • Find the .minecraft envelope in AppData

When you find the Minecraft envelope in AppData, you will then, at that point, need to right-tap the organizer. Doing so will then, at that point, open a tab on your work area that will show a rundown of different choices.

All things considered, To reestablish your erased world, you should tap the one that says “reestablish past adaptations”. Nonetheless, as we recently expressed this strategy will possibly work on the off chance that you erased the world physically, so indifferent cases your reality will be for all time gone whenever erased.

To keep away from this destiny, we strongly suggest back ups of your universes, and you can do this by finding your universes inside the save organizer and right clicking them, and clicking duplicate.

After this essentially make another envelope elsewhere and name it something like Minecraft world reinforcements and glue the save in there. If you then have any desire to reestablish your reality, you will essentially duplicate the world back into the save game organizer.

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