How to Remove Hard Drive from Computer Before Recycling (2022 Guide)

Our contraptions contain delicate data like charge card subtleties and personal residences. You wouldn’t need these in some unacceptable hands. In the event that our data would now be able to be effortlessly taken on the web, what more in an actual configuration? Particularly today, with exceptional hardware and progressed AI programs, even a hard circle that has been reformatted can have its deepest insider facts uncovered. So what do you do when you’re overhauling your hardware and you need your records deleted for great? Here are the most ideal approaches to annihilate a hard drive for your significant serenity.

Staying aware of innovative progression can be something of a costly and tedious interaction, and it’s not just with regards to trying to have the most recent innovation, all things considered. There’s additionally the additional migraine of attempting to dispose of your old gadgets. Computers are sufficiently troublesome to discard, without agonizing over somebody getting them out of the garbage and approaching all your delicate, saved information. You additionally don’t generally need to discard PCs by any stretch of the imagination! Like so many things, PCs can be reused, and we can advise you precisely how to wipe a Computer prior to reusing it.

Why You Should Destroy Your Hard Drive

A regular home PC or PC hard drive can contain your federal retirement aide number, Visa numbers, ledger numbers, and site logins and passwords. This data can stay on the hard drive regardless of whether “eradicated” or reformatted with an information cleaning program.

Hard Drive

Prior to giving or reusing your PC, you need to totally wipe or eliminate the hard drives. Thusly, you will guarantee that the information on the hard drives will be totally deleted and untraceable by information cheats. Additionally, note, if your hard drive contains music, individual photographs or whatever else with wistful worth, make certain to uphold this data on an alternate hard drive prior to continuing with the annihilation cycle.

Your first choice for erasing information from your hard drive is utilizing an information cleaning program. Do this assuming you need to keep the drive usable however information deleted. You can utilize the free program called Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN), which arrives in a form that runs off USB streak drives and one more that runs off a CD or a DVD. DBAN has a strong standing among security specialists.

Nonetheless, regardless of how careful an information cleaning program is, the best way to be sure that a hard drive’s information is unrecoverable is by delivering the drive’s plate unspinnable.

Truly Destroying Your Hard Drive

When discarding an old PC, there is truly just a single method to safely delete the data on the hard drive: annihilating the attractive circle (additionally called a platter) inside.

Hard Drive

To start, find where your hard drive is inside your Computer. You might need to look into your specific model in case you’re experiencing difficulty finding the hard drive. Then, utilize a fittingly measured screwdriver to eliminate however many screws you can access on the Computer.

Presently, open the hard drive packaging. This will to a great extent add up to once more, releasing a lot of screws in various arrangements relying upon the make and model of your hard drive. Frequently, there are screws stowed away under names, so you may need to go looking around.

With your hard drive eliminated from the Computer and your eye assurance on, over and again strike the hard drive on different sides until it begins to open. At the point when open, move out the round silver platter circle from inside. Ding, imprint, and scratch this platter. Many lighter taps with both the paw and peen of a sled ought to obliterate the hard drive adequately.

How to Remove Hard Drive from Computer Before Recycling

Information Wiping Programs

Later forms of programming, similar to Windows 10 and 8.1, will have their own update and recuperation works that won’t just reset your PC yet, in addition, eradicate information. However, assuming you need total confirmation, you can go to information cleaning programs.

Circle Wipe is FREE and simple to utilize. Simply download the record from the site and run it, or make a bootable climate utilizing a USB streak drive and run the program from that point. While picking the kind of eradicating example and number of passes, when in doubt, the more breathes easily for the wipe to wrap up. Notwithstanding, that will bring about a superior deletion, as well.

Another great assistance is Parted Magic. While it will cost you $11, this program gives plate dividing, circle cloning, just as record recuperation, alongside drive cleaning.

Beast Force

Need to deliver some repressed displeasure? Then, at that point, obliterating your hard drive utilizing obtuse power should come simple. If it’s not too much trouble, note that there will be little flying garbage and conceivably dispersed parts. Make a point to wear defensive stuff, similar to gloves or potentially goggles to ensure your individual.

Make the harm enormous. Aluminum platters in work areas, for instance, can have a goliath scratch or break, and specialists can in any case peruse data on it. This is all gratitude to current measurable labs. Indeed, a few labs can recuperate your data without expecting to turn the platters.

Drillingg Holes

A powerful strategy for delivering the platters unintelligible is by penetrating openings on them. You can accomplish this with the customary mallet and nail approach, or you can utilize a drill. Rather than penetrating openings, another option is to dismantle the hard drive and granulate as well as sand the outer layer of the platters. Assuming you don’t have a drill, this may be an extravagant motivation to get one.


Windows and Mac OS X programming have overwritten utilities that can assist you with ensuring information. The disadvantage is that it could leave ‘apparition’ follows, which different projects or specialists can in any case recover. Should your hard drive be remembered for a suit, overwritten records don’t agree with the jury, regardless of whether nobody can peruse the documents there any longer. That is on the grounds that it simply makes you look liable – regardless of whether you’re not.


A great many people might encourage you to consume or liquefy your hard drive. This can be trying as their attractive properties normally require very high warmth. Also, the exhaust that will come out will be harmful to your well-being. This strategy works – however, isn’t suggested.

For this, you might pick a blowtorch or standard huge fire. On the off chance that you have a furnace, you can toss it there as most ovens produce around 1,500 °C (2,732 °F) of warmth, enough to disintegrate your touchy data until the end of time.

A few people use microwaves, however, that could be perilous. Regardless of whether it’s compelling at softening the outer layer of the platter, it could take some time on the grounds that by and large, microwaves are simply not so hot. Additionally, you could wind up harming your kitchen machine rather than the hard drive.


The best technique? Wipe the hard drive utilizing a program AND then, at that point, obliterate it truly, ideally utilizing corrosive to deliver any information unintelligibly. Do take note that this might cause hurtful exhaust, so notice the right measures. Do this outside so there’s appropriate ventilation, and wear defensive attire. Family synthetic substances like weakened hydrochloric or muriatic corrosive ought to get the job done pleasantly.

Then, reuse the old pieces of your PC or PC (or gift them, in case there are usable parts). Contingent upon where you reside, you might possibly have the right offices for arranging/reusing electronic waste, or e-squander. To organize with experts on additional data so you discard your hardware mindfully.

You can never be too protected with regard to information assurance and security. Regardless of whether you’re disposing of your hardware since you purchased new stuff, or you’re selling your old gear, remember to clean your information off first.

For the people who sent their PCs or workstations for a fix, consistently ask the shop for your hard drive back. Regardless of whether you accept there’s nothing on there that can be viewed as delicate data, it’s as yet yours. Also, who can say for sure what individuals are up to nowadays?

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