How to Search YouTube Shorts

If you want to watch YouTube shorts, there are many ways to find them. The YouTube mobile site has a search feature, which you can use to find the Shorts that interest you. You can use keywords, creators, and topics to find videos. You can also search by clicking “+” in the search bar, which will bring up a feed of all shorts in that category.

Creating a custom image

YouTube Shorts is an excellent way to promote your short videos to the YouTube audience. The app makes it easier to find short videos that fit into a specific category. The app also lets you search for videos by topic, which is very convenient for viewers. Although YouTube shorts have limited character limits, the best place to put your most important keywords is at the beginning. Oftentimes, short videos are not viewed for the first few seconds because they do not have an attractive thumbnail.

In addition to keywords, you should also include a description of your YouTube Shorts video. The description should include information about the nature, genre, or theme of the short video. If possible, you should also use hashtags that are related to the theme or genre of your video. By doing this, YouTube can recommend your video to people who are interested in that genre or theme. This will increase your video’s chance of getting featured.

One way to make your thumbnail stand out from the competition is to upload a custom image. YouTube does not offer a default option for custom thumbnails, but if you add a #shorts tag to your description, the system will select a random frame from your video as the image preview. Then, you can customize the thumbnail image by changing the color and adding text, shapes, and effects. It also allows you to crop the thumbnail image.

When you’re creating your own short video, you should know which segment of YouTube users you want to target and continue to create relevant content for them. By using HubSpot, you can choose a specific segment of your YouTube audience and tailor your content accordingly. For example, if you have an audience that prefers short-form content, you should create a short video specifically for this audience.

YouTube has become an online phenomenon, and it is now the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube Shorts is a new way to promote your videos. These short form videos are created on mobile devices and are 60 seconds or less. If they meet the minimum length requirements, they will show up in the search results for YouTube users. Unlike other viral video platforms, YouTube Shorts videos are permanent and do not disappear after a few days.

Using hashtags

If you want to discover new videos on YouTube, you can use hashtags. This allows you to find videos related to a particular topic. For example, if you are looking for a wedding planner, you can use the hashtag #weddingplanner. People who search for wedding planners may find your video. Just make sure you choose hashtags that are relevant to your business and industry.

YouTube allows you to use up to 15 hashtags. However, make sure to concentrate on the first three hashtags that you want to include. If you use more than three, you might end up with results that contain fewer videos. Use the clipboard to copy the hashtags you want to use and paste them into the video description.

When creating a video, you should use hashtags to make it more visible to YouTube users. These can help you discover related videos and browse posts. Just be sure to use relevant hashtags, and remember to use relevant keywords. You can also use the Tag Generator to find good tags. You can also use tools such as Youtube Channel Audit to check and improve your channel.

Hashtags also help YouTube understand your video’s content. By using hashtags, your video can appear above other videos with the same topic. You can also find videos that are categorized under a hashtag by searching for them on YouTube. You can use hashtags to boost your video’s discoverability and promote your channel for free.

Hashtags are clickable keywords that will take you to other videos related to the hashtag. They will also appear in a video’s description or title. In addition to YouTube, you can also search for videos that are similar to yours by using the same hashtag. If you don’t know what hashtag to use for a video, you can use the hashtag generator to generate some hashtags for it.

The use of hashtags on YouTube is a useful strategy for increasing viewership and subscriber growth. Just make sure to avoid using sexual or illicit words in hashtags.

Using auto-play feature

When you have an account on YouTube, the auto-play feature can make it easier to find short videos. It will suggest videos based on the tags you’ve added. This can be helpful if you’re looking for a particular topic. Otherwise, you can search by keyword or topic.

Another great way to search for YouTube shorts is to use the search bar. This feature is available on the mobile app and appears on your channel’s home page. It also appears in a dedicated “Shorts” section. You can tag your videos with the hashtag “#shorts” if you’d like, but it’s not necessary. YouTube will detect 60-second videos automatically.

If you find a short that you enjoy, you can also add music to it by clicking the “Add Music” tab. This will take you to a library of popular songs that have been used in other short videos. You can use this list to find a song that would work well for your own video.

Once you’ve found the video that you want to watch, you can choose to watch it or report it to the creator. You can also choose whether to view the video privately. Shorts are public by default, but you can also choose to make them private if you’d like.

If you’re unable to find a specific video, you can use the AutoPlay feature. This works for 30 minutes on a mobile network, and for four hours when connected to Wi-Fi. You can also enable or disable the feature for videos in your YouTube account.

If you’re having trouble using YouTube AutoPlay, you may be using a browser that uses DRM settings. These settings protect the copyrights of digital media. Disabling these settings may solve the problem. If you use Firefox, disable DRM settings by changing the settings to False.

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