How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

On the off chance that you’re getting a piece forlorn out there in the Minecraft world, you should get yourself a catlike buddy. Notwithstanding, very much like, all things considered, these little fur-balls can be a piece subtle, so inspiring one to remain close by can at times be troublesome. All things considered, in the event that you’re experiencing a cycle of difficulty, we’ll walk you through the most common way of getting a feline pet for yourself in Minecraft with this aide!

How to Tame a Cat

To tame a feline in Minecraft, you should find one at either a town or Witch Hut in a marsh biome. Whenever you have found an untamed feline, you can then take care of the homeless feline with either crude cod or crude salmon, which can be acquired from fish. You will realize the feline has been restrained once it has a restraint around its neck!

Three restrained felines sitting with restraints on in Minecraft

Assemble Raw Cod or Salmon

Felines require either cod or salmon to be subdued, so you will have to do fishing or assembling to get them. Both of these fish can be seen in typical, cold, or tepid sea biomes. You can either see them swimming around in the water and assault them with your sword, or you can utilize your casting pole to fish the waters and acquire them that way.

Cod and Salmon swimming in the water in Minecraft

Track down a Cat in a Village

Felines can be found in two unique regions, one of which is at a town. These can be found arbitrarily around your Minecraft world and contain residents that you can exchange with. However long there is no less than one resident and four beds in the town there can be a potential feline bring forth. One feline might potentially generate per every four substantial beds for a limit of 10 felines. Thus, on the off chance that you believe 10 felines should produce in the town, ensure there are 40 beds!

Feline remaining in a desert town in Minecraft

On the off chance that you’re in favor of utilizing orders, you can utilize the “/find town” order in the control center to track down the nearest town to you.

On the off chance that you might want to find a dark feline specifically, you’d have to find a Witch’s Hut. These can be here and there found in swamp biomes which can be somewhat difficult to find. In the event that you truly do view it as one, nonetheless, search for the hovel there and you will track down a dark feline and a witch! Be cautious in light of the fact that the witch isn’t well disposed and will go after you assuming you get excessively close.

Dark feline under a witch hovel in Minecraft

Orders can likewise be utilized to find a marsh biome by entering “/locatebiome minecraft:swamp” or you can simply do “/find swamp_hut” to explicitly track down a Witch Hut.

Feed the Cat some fish to tame

Since you have tracked down the feline and have your fish, you should simply take care of the feline and it will be restrained! You will realize the feline has been restrained when it gets a choker on it! You can now stroll around and the feline ought to follow you to any future area you head to except if you cause it to sit or tie it to a wall post with a lead.


We have a few responses to your normal inquiries concerning felines in Minecraft!

What number of feline varieties are there?

There are 11 feline varieties or skins that you can find in Minecraft. These are marginally unique in the event that its a little cat or a completely mature feline. Here is a rundown of the varieties and skins that your feline might perhaps be:

  • Black
  • British Shorthair (Silver)
  • Calico (Orange, White, and Dark Brown)
  • Jellie (Gray and White)
  • Persian (Tan)
  • Ragdoll (White and Soft Amber)
  • Red (Orange and White)
  • Siamese (White and Pale Brown)
  • Tabby (Brown and White)
  • Tuxedo (Black and White)
  • White

How to get the feline to follow you

Your feline will follow you for however long it is subdued! You will once in a while be difficult to reach, however, your feline ought to have the option to find you at last for however long there isn’t someplace that can’t be gone between you both. You will likewise need to ensure the feline isn’t sitting or fastened to a wall.

How to name a feline

To name your feline, you should get an ID. These are tragically difficult to come by on the grounds that you can’t create them yourself. You can find them in chest plunder which can here and there be tracked down in Dungeons, Mineshafts, Buried Treasure, or Woodland Mansions. You will then have to take it to an Anvil to connect a name to it. Whenever it has been marked, you can then utilize it on your feline to give it a name formally!

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