How to Tame a Rabbit in Minecraft

While there is certainly not a technician to tame bunnies like there is with canines, felines, and ponies, there is as yet a method for keeping them as pets. Keep bunches of carrots helpful while investigating biomes to bring one back home.

Attracting Rabbits

Players can utilize either carrots or a lead to inspire them to follow. Utilizing a lead is the favored way, as carrots require more consideration and more slow development. Bunnies might possibly become unbiased too and change this way and that between food to eat and the carrots to lead can dismay.

When back at home, players can make a pen, opening, or keep them in their home with an entryway. For pens, any walls or dividers will do however long no blocks around the edge can be utilized by the hares to getaway. Keeping them inside with an entryway is basic as the player just has to close the way to hold them back from getting out. Openings in the ground can be utilized also and just should be two blocks profound to keep them from leaping out.

Rearing Rabbits

When set at home either in an opening, fencing, or house, bunnies can be reproduced with each other. Utilizing carrots or dandelions, hares will raise very much like some other creature in the game.

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