How to turn off Autoplay on YouTube Home Screen

YouTube has a component called “Autoplay on Home“, which assists you with effectively seeing various recordings while you peruse the Home and Subscription tab. As you look through your Home feed, recordings will start to play on quiet with inscriptions auto-empowered. Autoplay on Home will be on as default in the application. This wikiHow will show you how to debilitate the “Autoplay on the Home” included on the YouTube application for Android.

Toward the end of last year, we revealed that YouTube was dealing with another component that would consequently play recordings found on the portable application’s Home tab. Presently, apparently, the “Autoplay on Home” highlight is carried out to the majority. This is the way to cripple the YouTube application from autoplaying recordings in the Home feed…

So it reoccurred: you tapped on a YouTube video determined to see simply that one clasp from a standup act, and afterward, it was 45 minutes after the fact and you were watching the 23rd video that YouTube had provided to you through programmed playback.

When a video you’re seeing is finished, YouTube will promptly begin playing another one, hauling you down a deep, dark hole of ideas and interminable material in unendingness. This might be a helpful strategy to track down new movies now and again, however it can likewise prescribe recordings that you would rather not watch, which can disappoint.

Programmed playback on YouTube is regularly switched off, regardless of whether it takes your time or on the grounds that it’s an aggravation.

Luckily, both on a PC and with a portable application, this is easy to do. This is the way you go with regard to it.

How to switch off autoplay on YouTube on your PC

It couldn’t be a lot less difficult to switch off YouTube autoplay on a work area or PC.

Click on the blue speck underneath the expression “AUTOPLAY,” which is situated over the section of video thumbnail pictures situated on the right half of the screen, when you are seeing a video.

YouTube YouTube

You can constantly tap the dim spot to walk out on.

How to switch off autoplay on YouTube on your cell phone

The YouTube versatile application permits you to turn off autoplay by tapping on your profile picture (otherwise called your symbol) in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then, at that point, pick “Settings,” and afterward, on the accompanying menu, look down and choose the slider close to the words “Autoplay next video” at the base.


Switch off Autoplay on Home

To start with, open the YouTube application on your Android cell phone. Then, tap on your symbol in the upper right corner of the point of interaction to send off the Account menu. From that point, select Settings.

Presently, pick the Autoplay classification close to the first spot on the list. Here, you should see the choice for letting YouTube autoplay a video after you complete the process of watching one, and another thing recorded as Autoplay on Home. Tap on this subsequent option.

In this last advance, you will have three choices to browse while concluding when you need Autoplay on Home to run: Always on, Wi-Fi just, and off. Pick your inclination.


Whenever you have chosen whichever choice you like, you should see the change pondered in your Home feed inside the YouTube application. Assuming you picked Always on, simply realize that you will in all probability see a higher information utilization from the application as it will continuously start playing recordings found on the Home feed regardless of whether it plays without sound.

Obviously, to squander your month to month information apportioning, pick Wi-Fi as it were. Along these lines, you will in any case see video autoplay while at home or associated with a switch and not stress over your transporter sending you a bill with any extra charges for going over your information cap.

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