How to Use iHome Bluetooth Speaker [Guide 2022]

iHome is one of the greatest selling iHome Bluetooth Speaker in the present market. While most iHome items are made for iPads/iPods/iPhones, they are as yet viable with Android gadgets also.

iHome has become one of the chief makers of Bluetooth and brilliant home gadgets and is broadly recognized as making probably the most fantastic sounding – and the most shrewd – Bluetooth speakers available today.

However numerous iHome items are planned in light of Apple iPhones and iPods, they all function admirably with any Android cell phone or tablet, any Windows or Apple PCs, and some other Bluetooth-empowered gadget. Furthermore, given their incredible sound, super-intense development quality, progressed designing, and awesome highlights, they are quickly turning into a famous decision for Android gadgets and Windows PCs just as Apple.

About iHome

This article will clarify, in clear and straightforward bit by bit directions, precisely how to combine any iHome Bluetooth speaker framework to any Android or Apple iOS gadget or any Windows or Apple PC. For this instructional exercise, we will utilize the iHome iDM12 Bluetooth speaker, yet the very same directions will work for any iHome Bluetooth item.

Due to iHome’s high level design, incredible elements, tough development quality, and extraordinary sound, they are turning into an incredible decision for Apple and Android gadgets.

Here, we’ll tell you the best way to match iHome Bluetooth Speaker with any gadget. For this instructional exercise, we’ll utilize the iDM12, however, a similar method applies to any iHome item.

The primary iHome speaker was delivered in 2005 by SDI Technologies. SDI Technologies has more than 60 years of involvement with the assembling and selling of inventive purchaser gadgets.

The principal iHome item was a Pod-docking clock radio that turned into the most noteworthy selling iPod adornment that year. Because of its prosperity, the iHome turned into an elite brand in the sound market. Right up ’til the present time, iHome is the top-selling advanced brand, giving a wide assortment of items.

Later its prosperity, iHome has developed dramatically and offered different items: morning timers, earphones, versatile speakers, and clock radios. Further, iHome has certified brilliant home items, cell phones, and authorized tablets.

Bluetooth Pairing, Explained

“Matching” is the point at which you interface a Bluetooth speaker to a cell phone, tablet, PC, or to an “ace” gadget. This permits the speakers to impart remotely.

JBL is a notable brand for delivering Bluetooth speakers. Here you can track down a near audit between JBL Charge 3 versus JBL Charge 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker which are 2 of the most renowned models created by JBL.

Blending your iHome speaker is a basic interaction, yet having direct guidelines on the most proficient method to do as such will make this cycle more straightforward.

Planning to Pair Your iHome Speakers

Before you begin matching or interfacing your iHome speaker to your tablet, cell phone, or PC, ensure your speaker framework is completely energized.

Start by interfacing the USB link to the PC port, your tablet, or your telephone’s charger, then, at that point, to the iHome speaker. The link comprises two finishes.

There is a Micro-USB plug in one end and a standard fitting on the opposite end. The Micro-USB plug interfaces with the speaker while the enormous USB line is associated with the PC.

Plug the unit into the AC power source assuming that you’re utilizing the tablet or telephone charging unit. For example, assuming that you charge the iHome speaker from your PC, you’ll need to turn your PC so it can charge the speaker.

Around, the speaker will require 4-6 hours to turn out to be completely energized. There is a charging light pointer that quits glimmering once the battery is charged. A few speakers will have a battery button; you can hold the battery for 2 seconds on the off chance that the speaker is on.

The most effective method to Pair Your iHome Speaker by means of Android

  1. Hold down the power button to begin your iHome speaker. Turn your iHome iDM12 on Bluetooth mode by changing the change from the “aux” setting” to the “Bluetooth” setting. Ensure the iDM12 is around 30 feet or less to keep it in range with your Android.
  2. Then, initiate the Bluetooth usefulness on your Android tablet or telephone. Press Settings >> Connections:: Press the Bluetooth button and turn it on.
  3. Presently, you’ll need to design your ihome speaker to finish the blending system. Clutch the Play/Pause/Pairing button for 2 seconds. You’ll hear two signals, and a golden light will start to streak on the facade of the speaker.
  4. Actually take a look at your Android gadget, and you’ll see “iDM12” situated on the screen. Then, press it to start matching. In case there is a secret word spring up, essentially type in “1234”.
  5. Your house speaker’s golden light will become green. This shows that it is effectively combined with an iPad or iPhone. A few speakers give a voice warning that lets you know the gadgets have been effectively combined”.

The Android gadget will demonstrate that the two gadgets are connected up. Presently you’re ready to play music!

  1. Later this underlying blending process, the iHome Bluetooth speaker will match with the gadget each time you turn it on. Ensure your Android gadget is inside range and turned on. In case the speaker doesn’t match together consequently, rehash similar strides to combine up the gadgets.

Instructions to Pair an iPhone with an iHome Speaker

  1. Turn on the iHome speaker by holding the power button. You’ll realize the speaker works later you hear a sound from the gadget. Then, turn your iHome gadget to Bluetooth mode by moving the change to the “Bluetooth” setting. Keep the speaker, and the iPhone is inside range (30 feet or less).
  2. From that point onward, turn the Bluetooth signal on the iHome speaker. Press the “Play/Pause/Pairing” button and hold it for 2 seconds. You’ll hear two blares, and the speaker will have a golden light.
  3. Take a gander at the Apple gadget, and you’ll see an “iDM12” situated on the screen. Then, press the button to match the gadgets together. When finished, the golden light will become green, and you’ll have the option to partake in your music.

The most effective method to Pair Your iHome Speaker With a PC

  1. Hold down the power button until you hear a sound. Move the switch situated on the speaker to change to “iHome Bluetooth Speaker.” Keep the iDM12 inside 30 feet from your PC.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth highlight on your PC:

Apple: Open the Apple Menu > Select “Framework Preferences” > Press “Bluetooth” > Select “Become Bluetooth on:
Windows: Press the Windows Icon and type in “Bluetooth” > Click Bluetooth and Other Devices > Activate the matching by tapping the Bluetooth button on the PC.

  1. Go to your iHome speaker and hold the “Play Pause, and Pairing” button for around 2 seconds. You’ll hear two signals from the speaker, and a golden light will streak on the gadget. Really take a look at the PC, and you’ll see an “iDM12” situated on the screen > Press it to start matching. In the event that it prompts for a secret phrase, press “1234”.
  2. Your iHome speaker should begin blazing green. This shows that it is connected with an iPad or iPhone. A few gadgets will vocally tell you once the gadgets are associated. The PC will show that the two gadgets are matched.

In the wake of following the past advances, assuming your iHome speaker doesn’t match with your gadget or no strong is getting through the speaker, here are a few methods for fixing it:

My iHome Speaker Won’t Pair Correctly!

  1. Check your gadget since it probably won’t be connected to your ihome speaker. Ensure the gadget is completely energized. Start by turning on the Bluetooth gadget and permit it to “find” different gadgets by turning on the Bluetooth mode.
  2. Press and hold the Pairing/Pause/Play Button for 2 seconds. The ihome Bluetooth speaker will utter a sound, and the Bluetooth symbol will show up, demonstrating the speaker is in matching mode. You’ll see a notice that says “iHome speakers” on the Bluetooth menu.
  3. If a “Not Connected” or “Not matched” message shows up, press “iHome speaker” to interface with it. Assuming the gadget prompts you to add a password; press “1234” on the keypad. Assuming that the gadgets pair effectively, a “Couple” choice will show on the base, and a strong Bluetooth symbol will show up. This shows that the gadget is prepared to play music.

Battery Depletion

This will happen on the off chance that your gadget is on low power. Additionally, this clarifies why your speaker couldn’t associate with your gadget. Assuming that is the situation, either supplant the batteries or re-energize the speaker.

When supplanting batteries, ensure the gadget is associated with the AC outlet to keep your settings. Any other way, you’ll need to reset the alert, and time later the batteries are supplanted.

Then, press Tab to open the battery entryway connected to the lower part of the gadget. Eliminate any old batteries and introduce AA batteries into the reinforcement battery area.

Ensure the “+” and “- ” hubs are viewed when you place the batteries in the spaces. From that point forward, close the battery entryway and affirm that the battery pointer isn’t blazing. Presently you ought to have the option to associate your speaker and gadget with practically no interruptions.

Getting Interference From Another Device

Ensure your gadget has the most recent firmware. At the point when the unit is turned ON, the speaker will combine with the storeroom gadget inside the range (30 feet).

You should wind down the Bluetooth capacity of the past gadget or move it out of reach.

Associations Not Working

Ensure each of your associations is appropriately stopped. Moreover, ensure the power is turned ON. Then, at that point, interface the AC connector and DC jack and associate the toe end to a divider outlet.

Introduce the two AA batteries in the battery compartment prior to utilizing them.

Issues With Your Cell Phone

There are times when your cell gadget will meddle with the Bluetooth association. It’s critical to guarantee there are no issues with the Bluetooth network and that the gadget is working accurately.

In this situation, check your gadget’s guidance manual for subtleties on Bluetooth blending and connecting. In the wake of observing the issue with your cell gadget, it can combine up with the iHome speaker.


Place your iHome speaker on a level surface. Get it far from wellsprings of unreasonable daylight and direct hotness.
Make a point to secure your furnishings assuming you’re putting the speaker on a lacquered or normal wood finish. Place fabric or other defensive material in the middle of the speaker in the furniture to forestall overheating.
Utilize a moist fabric to clean your unit. Try not to utilize intense cleaning specialists like more slender or different materials since it will harm the unit’s surface.

Blending ihome speakers have never been any more clear! Ensure that the two gadgets are turned on and are inside range.

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